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Upcoming Gay Speed Dating Events


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Over Gay Speed Dating Events In Melbourne

Welcome to our vibrant Gay Speed Dating events in Melbourne, where being single and gay is celebrated through meaningful connections. Whether you identify as queer, WLW (women loving women), MLW (men loving women), or any other identity within the LGBTQ+ spectrum, our events offer a welcoming space to meet like-minded individuals. Embrace authenticity and explore potential partnerships in a structured yet relaxed setting that encourages genuine interactions. Join us for an evening of fun, laughter, and the opportunity to forge deep connections with fellow members of Melbourne’s LGBTQ+ community.

Our Venues

The Rainbow Lounge, Fitzroy: Located in the heart of Fitzroy, The Rainbow Lounge is a venue rich in LGBTQ+ heritage, perfectly aligning with the spirit of Gay speed dating. The lounge features vibrant décor with rainbow motifs, providing a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. The signature drink, “Pride Punch,” enhances the celebratory mood of the evenings. Originally a community center, the lounge was renovated by local activist Sarah Chang, creating a blend of tradition and modernity that enriches each event.

Beth El Lounge, Carlton: This cozy lounge is situated in the vibrant suburb of Carlton and is known for its intimate setting, which is ideal for meaningful conversations. The décor includes subtle LGBTQ+ motifs and soft, ambient lighting that sets a romantic tone. The “Love Wins Martini,” a refreshing cocktail with hints of passionfruit and basil, is a favorite among attendees. The transformation from a historical venue to a modern social lounge by entrepreneur Alex Nguyen offers an inviting atmosphere that fosters connections among our Gay singles.

Pride Gardens, South Yarra: Tucked away in South Yarra, Pride Gardens is an idyllic venue with a beautiful outdoor area surrounded by lush greenery and floral arrangements, symbolizing new beginnings. The garden’s tranquility is perfect for those who prefer a peaceful dating environment. The specialty drink here is the “Rainbow Refresher,” a mix of tropical flavors that complements the serene setting. Previously a botanical study center, it was reimagined by its current owner, Liam Smith, to host social gatherings, providing a natural, relaxed backdrop for our events.

Who You'll Meet

Our attendees are primarily LGBTQ+ singles from diverse backgrounds and walks of life, including professionals, creatives, and activists, all united by their shared community and quest for meaningful connections. They value inclusivity, diversity, and authentic interactions, which are the core elements of our events. Unlike traditional dating apps, our Gay speed dating events offer a space to meet others who share similar values and life goals, encouraging deeper, more genuine interactions.

How it Works

Upon booking a ticket via Eventbrite, attendees select their preferred age group—20s, 30s, 40s, or over 50s. At the event, participants receive a name card and scan a QR code to access the Matching App 4.0. After mingling at the bar, the structured speed dating begins, with gentlemen seated and men rotating every five minutes. A 10-minute intermission allows for a break before the second round of dates. Participants then use their phones to select who they would like to ‘Match’ or ‘Friend’, with contact details exchanged the following morning.

About Speed Dating Social

Founded in 2020 by Darcy Todd, Speed Dating Social has successfully hosted over 787 events, introducing more than 37,423 singles. Our Gay speed dating events, accommodating 40 attendees per session, ensure a balanced environment for a fair and enjoyable experience. Tickets are $29.90 for early birds and $34.90 for last release. Note that refunds are not provided within 30 days of an event. For more information, contact us at

Post Event Epping Date Night Ideas

After a successful match, consider a visit to the Prahran Market for a culinary adventure, or enjoy a quiet evening at the Royal Botanic Gardens, offering a scenic view and a chance to continue the conversation in a picturesque setting. Both locations provide a wonderful atmosphere for a memorable second date.

Attendee Reviews

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I tried a speed dating night in Melbourne, it was pretty good, I think 2 ladies didn't show up but I still got about 14 dates
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was a fun night out with my girlfriends, some conversations were a tad dull but 2 cute guys made it worth it and even got their numbers
Steph H
Steph H
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I didn't know speed dating was a thing but I'm new to the area and was good meeting some new people

Frequently Asked Questions

Our events in Melbourne are tailored specifically for the LGBTQ+ community, providing a safe and inclusive environment to meet potential partners.

You can select your preferred age group (20s, 30s, 40s, or over 50s) when booking your ticket to ensure you meet people in your preferred age range.

Yes, all our venues in Melbourne are LGBTQ+ friendly and chosen for their welcoming atmosphere to ensure you feel comfortable and valued.

Dress comfortably and in a way that reflects your personality. Smart casual attire is generally suitable, but feel free to express yourself authentically.

Many attendees come solo, which is common and encouraged as it allows you to focus on meeting new people. Our events are designed to facilitate connections among individuals.

During speed dating rounds, you’ll have brief conversations with each participant. This allows you to gauge compatibility based on initial impressions and shared interests.


If you’ve mutually matched with someone, you’ll receive their contact details the following morning. From there, you can arrange to meet up and continue getting to know each other outside of the event.