About US

G’day, you gorgeous singles of the Land Down Under! Let me introduce you to our Speed Dating Social Events – the brainchild of our mate Darcy Todd who, back in 2020, decided that Aussies needed a better way to meet people than drunk-swiping on Tinder at the local pub. (We’ve all been there, no judgement!)

Since then, we’ve hosted over 787 events across Australia, from the bustling streets of Sydney to the laid-back vibes of Perth, introducing more than 37,423 singles. That’s a lot of “What’s your favorite footy team?” and “Vegemite: love it or hate it?” conversations. But crikey, does it work! We’ve had more successful pairings than a wine and cheese night at Dan Murphy’s.

Now, you might be thinking, “Why would I want to spend an arvo speed dating when I could just use Bumble?” Well, let me tell you, cobber, nothing beats the raw, unfiltered experience of face-to-face interaction. Plus, our Matching App 4.0 means you don’t have to do that awkward “So… can I grab your number?” dance at the end. Just tap ‘Match’ or ‘Friend’ and boom – you’ll wake up to your matches faster than you can say “flat white, no sugar”.

Welcome to Speed Dating Social

We’ve got events for everyone – 20-somethings still figuring out how to adult, 50+ folks ready to mingle, LGBTQIA+ meetups, Christian mingles (not the website, actual mingling), Asian singles nights – you name it, we’ve probably got it. And get this: we actually ensure equal gender ratios. It’s more balanced than a koala on a eucalyptus branch.

But here’s the real fair dinkum: We’re not just about dating. We’re accidental therapists, confidence boosters, and sometimes, just a really good story to tell your mates over a barbie. “Remember that time I went speed dating and the sheila brought her pet blue-tongue lizard?” Yeah, that happened. (Pro tip: Don’t be that person.)

What is speed dating, and how does it work?

So why choose us? Because swiping right on a photo is easier than stealing TimTams from the office kitchen. Making a real connection with someone who might change your life? That’s the good stuff, mate. Plus, where else can you have 12 first dates in one night and still be home in time for a cheeky Maccas run?

Come join us for an evening of mini-dates, flowing conversations, and the potential to meet someone who doesn’t think pineapple belongs on pizza. (Or does, if that’s your thing. We don’t judge. Much.)

Remember, in the game of love, you’ve got to be in it to win it. And at Speed Dating Social Events, we’re not just changing the dating game – we’re giving it a fair go like any true blue Aussie would. Let’s make some connections, create some stories, and maybe, just maybe, find your person.

Frequently Asked Questions

We typically round up about 40 singles per event, split evenly between blokes and sheilas. It’s like a perfectly balanced pavlova – just the right amount of everything!

Think “first date at a nice pub” attire. No need for a tux, but maybe leave the thongs and singlet at home, yeah? Unless it’s a beach-themed event, then go nuts!

You get a ripper 5 minutes with each potential match. It’s longer than a Bunnings sausage sizzle queue, but shorter than explaining cricket to an American.

No worries, cobber! We’ve got icebreakers and conversation starters on hand. Plus, our hosts are friendlier than a quokka on Rottnest Island. They’ll help you out if you’re feeling a bit stuck.

You bet! We run events for different age brackets faster than a kookaburra swooping on a snag. We’ve also got LGBTQIA+ nights, fitness fanatic meetups, and even pet lover specials. If there’s enough interest, we’ll organize it!

Look, we can’t promise you’ll meet your soulmate (we’re good, but we’re not magicians). But we can guarantee you’ll have a fun night out, meet new people, and maybe even make some mates. And if all else fails, you’ll at least have some ripper stories for your next smashed avo brunch!