speed dating social faqs infographic

20 Common FAQs about Speed Dating

1. What is speed dating?

Answer: Speed dating is a matchmaking service for groups of singles to be introduce to multiple potential romantic partners for one on one mini dates. Participants pre book tickets, choose an event where attendees have similar demographics so there’s higher chances of being compatible. After a 5 minute date, organizers rotate everyone and attendees have the chance to select those they’d like to see again through a web app. There’s typically mingle time before, after and during intermission and matches are sent the next day at 8am. 

2. How does speed dating work?

Answer: Participants rotate through a series of mini-dates, usually lasting around 5 minutes each. After each date, they mark whether they are interested in seeing that person again. Whenever someone ticks “Match” or “Friend” to you on our Matching App 4.0, then you’ll get their contact details at 8am the next day.

3. What should I expect at a speed dating event?

Answer: Expect to meet a variety of people in a relaxed and friendly environment. You’ll have multiple short dates, with a brief break between each one. Hosts will guide you through the event to ensure everything runs smoothly.

4. How should I dress for a speed dating event?

Answer: Dress smart-casual. Choose an outfit that makes you feel confident and comfortable, but also shows you’ve put in some effort. First impressions matter!

5. What types of people attend speed dating events?

Answer: Speed dating attracts a diverse range of individuals, typically grouped by age and interests. Everyone is there for the same reason: to meet new people and potentially find a romantic connection.

6. Is speed dating better than online dating?

Answer: Speed dating offers face-to-face interaction, which can be more genuine and revealing than online profiles and messages. It allows you to quickly gauge chemistry and connection, something that’s hard to do online.

7. How many dates will I have at a speed dating event?

Answer: Typically, you will have around 8-12 dates, depending on the event size and format. Each date lasts a few minutes, giving you a brief but meaningful interaction.

8. What if I don’t find anyone I like?

Answer: While there are no guarantees in dating, speed dating maximizes your chances of meeting someone compatible. Even if you don’t find a romantic match, you’ll still get around 12 dates in an evening.

9. Can I attend a speed dating event alone?

Answer: Absolutely! Many people attend speed dating events solo. The environment is welcoming and inclusive, making it easy to socialize and meet new people.

10. How do I prepare for a speed dating event?

Answer: Arrive with an open mind and positive attitude. Prepare a few conversation starters and questions to help break the ice. Relax and be yourself – authenticity is key.

11. What topics should I avoid during speed dating?

Answer: Avoid controversial topics such as politics, religion, and past relationships. Focus on light, positive conversations that allow you to get to know the person in front of you.

12. How do I know if someone is interested in me?

Answer: After each mini-date, both participants mark whether they are interested in seeing each other again. If there’s a mutual interest, contact details are exchanged after the event.

13. What if I get nervous during speed dating?

Answer: It’s normal to feel nervous. Take deep breaths and remember that everyone is in the same boat. The short date format means you only need to be “on” for a few minutes at a time.

14. Can I contact someone after the event if I didn’t mark them?

Answer: Generally, you can only contact someone if there is a mutual match. However, our matching app will always pass your details onto those you selected. That way even if they did not match you, there’s a chance they might reach out!

15. Are speed dating events age-specific?

Answer: Yes, most speed dating events are grouped by age to ensure participants meet others within their desired age range, such as 30-42 years. At our events it’s okay to be 2 years outside the age range. Check event details for specific age brackets.

16. How much does a speed dating event cost?

Answer: Prices vary by location and event. Typically, our Early Bird tickets start from $29.90 and Last Release tickets are $34.90.

17. How do I sign up for a speed dating event?

Answer: Visit our website, choose your location and the event that suits you, and register online. Just be sure to book an event that fits your age range and please book the correct gender so ratios balance on the night.

18. What should I bring to a speed dating event?

Answer: Bring a positive attitude, your fully charged mobile phone and your ticket. You can either print out your ticket, or show us your ticket on your mobile phone in the Eventbrite ticket wallet. Failing that, just tell us the name you booked under so that we can look it up and any confirmation details for your booking. Some events may provide conversation cards or other materials, so check the event details.

19. How long do speed dating events last?

Answer: Most events last around 2 hours, including introductions, the mini-dates, and any breaks in between. Typically during week days our events go from 7 pm to 9 pm at which point you’d have met up to 15 dates. After an event finishes you’re welcome to hang around and mingle and of course please turn up 15mins early for check-ins. 

20. What happens if there is an odd number of participants?

Answer: We always book an even number of participants. If there’s an odd number, one person may sit out each round or there might be group activities to balance it out.