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Upcoming Speed Dating Events in Perth


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Prince Lane
Fri, 5 July, 7:00 pm AWST
356 Murray St, Perth WA 6000
Tickets from $29.90 AUD
The Edison
Fri, 12 July 2024, 7:00 pm AWST
393 Murray St, Perth WA 6000
Tickets from $29.90 AUD
Lot Twenty
Fri, 19 July 2024, 7:00 pm AWST
20/57 James St, Perth WA 6000
Tickets from $29.90 AUD
The Edison
Fri, 26 July 2024, 7:00 pm AWST
393 Murray St, Perth WA 6000
Tickets from $29.90 AUD

3756+ people

Attend each Month

10104+ Dates

Mini Dates each week

43 Attendees

Average event attendance

735 Events

Singles events each year

Why Choose Speed Dating Social in Perth?

Stop those silly swipes! Yes you, you delicious WA locals, at Speed Dating Social we take pride in bringing you the best singles events in Perth. But what does that mean? Bacially if you live in Fremantle to Joondalup or anywhere in between we work tirelessly bring you epic nights at Perth’s best bars. Expect to meet sexy locals at great venues like The Court’s rooftop terrace LGBTQ nights to the Murray street bars like The Edison and Cheeky Sparrow. 

Think of us as your personalized match makers, but for groups. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a fresh graduate in your 20s, a single parent in your 40s or if you’re joining an over 50s speed dating night to meet your next partner. We work tirelessly to ensure every night you come to is full of at least 30 or 40 attendees. 

About our events

Yes sometimes people want a free drink, but our prices are fair from just $29.00 you’ll get between 10 – 15 dates in a single evening. So compared to Cityswoons events, we’ll get it down to almost $2 a date! Not bat eh?

  • Get 12 fun dates each night
  • We book Perth’s best CBD bars
  • We do 2 hours of fun dates 
  • Option to include a profile pic
  • Use our best Matching App 
  • You’ll know whenever someone ticks you
  • Options to ‘Friend’ or ‘Match’
  • Receive your matches contact details
  • At least 30 – 40 attendees per event
  • Extra mingle time at intermission
  • Hosted by Kunal, Kristine and Charlotte
  • You’ll have extra mingle time before and after the dates
  • We host weekly events, to keep that momentum
  • Emphasis on Friday and Saturday events

With over 2 million people, Perth has plenty of eligible singles. So weather you’re trying a Taranic or Christian night, let’s get out and meet your next parther, spouse or I guess one night stand if that’s your thing. But in our 2 years of weekly events in Perth, that’s a staggering 100 dating nights introducing over 3500 people! So remember to name your first born after us too – Darcy Jnr. 

How it works

Just turn up, it’s like an organized singles party – not a boring dinner. It’s like a meetup where you play musical chairs. The ladies stay seated and the men rotate every 5 minutes. That way you can easily chat in person and simply tick ‘match’ on whoever you’d like to see again. 

straight speed dating event at The Edison Bar in Perth, WA.

What’s more we’ve found the smartest develpers, Tahmin and Mendel to code your match making app. So gone are the days that I’d have to hand out your match cards, name tags and pens. Instead you’ll be directed by our friendly host: Kunal, Kristine and Charlotte to scan a QR code. That will instantly give you access to our Matching Portal 4.0 – Yes we’re already on version 4 because I’ve watched you and listended to your feedback. 

Use our Mating App 4.0

So turn up to a speed dating Social event and scan the code, it’ll then ask you for and Event Code: we’ll think up a hilarious code word for each night, like ‘meow’ ‘love’ or ‘bang’. Kidding, well kinda… And it’s not even case sensitive so you can all get in. 

speed dating Social matching app withmodern UX design where each person is listed one at a time

From there it’s just a matter of entering your contact details. Boring stuff like your name, mobile and email, as well as what gender you identify as on the night. Then Bam! – You’re in. You’ll instantly see a list of the hottest singles in Perth, or whoever chose to show up on the night. From there it’s just a matter of ticking ‘Match’ if they’re hot or ‘Friend’ if they’re rich. 

Get your matches the next day 

And don’t worry if you’re international or your phone dies, it also emails your joining link. So as a plan B, you can always enter your matches when you get home through your laptop. Just be sure to do it before 8am the next morning, because at that point it times out and sends everyone their respective matches. And the best part, is you can select anyone, there’s no limit and whenever anyone ticks yes on you, you’ll always get their contact details. 

Date Someone the Same Age As You

I know, we all love a good cougar or the 40s guys chasing those 20 something girls fresh out of uni. But that’s why we’ve created age groups so you only meet singles at the same life as you

Fabolous over 50s Events

Finding love over 50? Of course, not only are you baby boomers at the best stage of life, now you can find someone to share it with. If you’re an empty nexter, divorced or just looking to get back into the game, let’s get out there. I know you like strols along Cottesloe Beach and Swan River, but wouldn’t those romantic walks be so mush better with a spouse? 

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for company or marriage, our over 50s speed dating events guarantee you’ll get 12 mini dates in just one night. So come enjoy a night at Market Grounds chic beergarden while meeting your next potential long term partner. It doesn’t have to be empty DM’s on SilverSingles, we meetup in person, so book your spot, we’re already waiting for you!

Book Now, It's Simple

Most book early, so don’t miss out

Book A Ticket

Simply book an Eventbrite speed dating ticket to secure your spot

Hosts Greet You

Turn up and be greeted by friendly hosts who get you settled

Get Your Own Table

Get your own table where you can comfortably mingle

Enjoy 12 Fun Mini Dates

Enjoy 12 fast 5minute dates making it easy to meet one on one

Tick Yes To Anyone On Your Phone

Anonymously tick yes on anyone you like, yes it’s that easy

Matches Sent The Next Day

Receive your matches and contact details of everyone who selects you

It All Starts With A Date

Whatever you’re looking for, they’re only 1 five minute chat away

Social Blind Dating Nights

Experience the Biggest and Best Events in Perth

Meet New People and Make Friends

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Success Stories 💑

Many have already found love

“I would like to let you know that last month,

I attended one of your speed dating nights in Hardware Lane and met the most beautiful girl. We connected and you sent our numbers to us.
We met up again the next day and have been on many dates and have spoken every day, for hours It’s been 6 weeks + and going strong.
Just wanted to let you know of one of your success stories. The future looks bright.
We recommend your speed dating nights to every single person we speak to. It was so much fun. Thank you.”

“I just wanted to let you know

That I won’t been attending your next event. I had already purchased the ticket earlier… I attended the last event and had a wonderful time… after I worked up the courage to actually walk in…
I was so nervous and almost didn’t go in but I am really glad I did I have made a connection with a great guy and am looking forward to pursuing that and seeing how we go.

So thank you for all the effort in putting these events together… don’t worry about giving me a refund on the ticket, maybe you can give that to someone that rocks up on the night without a ticket as I know how hard They are to get. thanks so much again.”

“When I went to my first speed dating event, I had zero expectations

– less than zero actually.
But yup, when I walked into that bar, I saw him and went all nervous.
I wouldn’t say our first conversation was scintillating. I don’t even remember what small talk we made – maybe our jobs.
At the end of the event, I saw him sitting alone and asked whether I could sit next to him. He said he wanted to see me again and I said the same.
We are now happily and exclusively together. If I have any advice to give anyone, it would be to give speed dating a try. I was lucky to have found my person the first time around. But I had been online dating for a year with no success.
We are now happily and exclusively together. If I have any advice to give anyone, it would be to give speed dating a try. I was lucky to have found my person the first time around. But I had been online dating for a year with no success.

You may not find someone the first time or the 10th time, but at least these guys take the trouble to show up and put their best foot forward. They are making the effort which is more than I can say for some people on online dating sites – and that’s not even counting the sleazeballs.
– a happy attendee”

Perth Speed Dating Events

Experience True Connection in Perth’s Picturesque Setting Welcome to Speed Dating Social in Perth, a city celebrated for its stunning sunsets, beautiful beaches, and a laid-back lifestyle that’s perfect for romance. Our speed dating events provide an ideal platform for singles across Perth to meet in a relaxed and friendly environment, setting the stage for romance to spark under the Western Australian sky.

Why Perth Singles Choose Speed Dating Social Perth’s geographic isolation gives it a unique charm, conducive to close-knit and intimate gatherings. Our events tap into this local vibe, creating warm and welcoming spaces where singles can truly connect. From trendy bars in Northbridge to quaint cafes in Fremantle, our venues are carefully selected to enhance the dating experience, ensuring you meet people who can truly complement your lifestyle.

So Instead of Paying Hinge and Tinder to Swipe, book your tickets to instantly meet a group of similarly aged suitors in in just one night. Just remember out hosts check ID’s, so stick to your age group with the most common events split between 20s and 30s to over 40s and 50s singles events.

Discover Our Diverse Speed Dating Events We offer a range of themed events to cater to different preferences and age groups, ensuring that everyone can find their match:

  • Young Professionals Nights: For singles in their 20s and 30s looking to mingle with potential matches in a vibrant atmosphere. [View Young Professionals Events]
  • Mature and Sophisticated: Specifically designed for those over 40, these events focus on deeper, more meaningful interactions. [View Mature Events]
  • Adventure Dating: Experience dating with a twist, these events are for those who love excitement and are open to outdoor and adventure-based activities. [View Adventure Dating Events]
  • LGBTQ+ Inclusive Nights: We are proud to offer inclusive events where members of the LGBTQ+ community can meet in a supportive environment. [View LGBTQ+ Events]
  • Cultural Connection Nights: Meet singles who share specific cultural interests or backgrounds, enhancing the possibility of a deeper connection.

What to Expect at Our Perth Speed Dating Nights Step into a friendly and engaging environment where each encounter is meaningful:

  1. Warm Welcome: Upon arrival, our friendly hosts will greet you and provide a breakdown of the evening’s structure.
  2. Speed Dating Sessions: You’ll enjoy brief yet impactful dates, each lasting just a few minutes, perfect for making a first impression.
  3. Relaxed Intermissions: Take advantage of breaks to enjoy refreshments and continue conversations with those who caught your interest.
  4. Confidential Matching: Mark your interests discreetly, and our system will notify you of mutual matches within 24 hours post-event.
  • Post-Event Opportunities: With mutual matches, you’ll have the chance to pursue further connections at your own pace.

Join Perth’s Vibrant Dating Community Our speed dating events are more than just meetings; they are vibrant social gatherings that foster connections and community spirit. Whether you’re seeking a serious relationship or new friendships, you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere at Speed Dating Social events in Perth.

Ready to Meet Someone Special in Perth? Spaces are limited and our popular events fill up fast. Book now to secure your place at one of our upcoming speed dating nights. Discover the excitement of meeting new people in an enjoyable and pressure-free environment.

Social Speed Dating Nights

When choosing your first blind dating night pick an area that’s central. You might live in Mandurah but you’ll find most of 2 million people living in Perth are closer to the CBD and that’s where we host the events with the biggest turnouts. So if you’ve been through a breakup, book a spot and get twelve fun dates in one night. 

After picking your event at venues like the Cheeky Sparrow and the Court, choose an age range that fits you such as an over 30s or 40s speed dating night. When you arrive there’ll be time to grab a drink and mingle, just remember to scan into the QR code so you can select your matches through our matching portal. 

Midway through the event we break for a 10 minute intermission, it’s a chance to persue any favourable chats, grab another drink from the bar and use the rest rooms. The second half of the event is exactly like the first, with the women remaining seated and the men being rotated by the host every five minutes. 

After each date remember to tick ‘yes’ to any dates that you have a potential romantic interest in. That way you’ll have the chance to match and will both be sent each others contact details the next day via email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To register, simply visit our website and choose the Perth event that suits your age group and interest. Click on the event link, and you will be directed to our secure booking system where you can purchase your ticket.

We offer a range of events tailored to different age groups, including:

  • 20s and 30s for young professionals
  • Over 40s for a more mature crowd

Over 50s events for those seeking companionship later in life Each event page provides specific details about the age group it caters to.

Our Perth speed dating events are held at various trendy bars and venues throughout the city, particularly in areas like Northbridge, Fremantle, and the CBD. Exact locations are provided upon booking and are chosen to ensure a safe, private, and enjoyable atmosphere.

The dress code typically is smart-casual. We recommend dressing in a manner that feels comfortable yet polished, as first impressions count. Feel free to express your personality through your attire!

You can expect to meet between 10 to 15 singles in one night. Each date lasts around 5 minutes, giving you the chance to get a snapshot of who they are.

If you and another participant both tick “yes” to each other, this is considered a match. We will share contact details within 24 hours after the event, allowing both parties to take things forward at their own pace.

Yes, we ask all participants to:

  • Be Respectful: Treat all participants with respect and refrain from inappropriate behaviour.
  • Stay Discreet: Keep conversations light and avoid sharing overly personal information.
  • Follow the Format: Adhere to the timed format of the dates to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to meet each other.

Yes, friends are welcome to participate if they have registered and purchased a ticket. If they prefer just to accompany you, they can join you at the venue but won’t be able to participate in the speed dating process.

If you need to cancel, you can do so up to 30 days before the event for a full refund. Cancellations made less than 30 days before the event may not be eligible for a refund due to the planning and coordination involved.

The safety and privacy of our attendees are paramount. We ensure that all venues are safe and conducive to private conversations. Personal information is only shared with mutual matches, and we never disclose your details to third parties without your consent.

Speed Dating Near Me

Our speed dating events in Perth is enhanced by the relaxed and friendly Australian culture, which encourages openness and genuine interactions. Many events also include fun icebreakers and themed nights, such as wine tasting or trivia, adding an extra layer of entertainment. Making it a perfect way for those looking to make meaningful connections with a future partner.