Jewish Speed Dating Events in Melbourne, Australia

Calling all Jewish singles in Melbourne and Victoria. If you’re unattached, still haven’t met your long term partner at the Synagogue or just want that special someone to take to Rosh Hashanah or Hanukkah, then listen up! 

We host Jewish speed dating nights in Melbourne, Brunswick and the South Eastern Suburbs. Just like a Shadchan, we’ll help find your Bashert in person while paying special respect to Niddah. So come meet 15 Jewish Singles at our dating event, and be introduced to your next soulmate, and take those sacred steps to Kiddushin. 

Unlike JDAte, we’re not a Jewish dating app, instead we host singles events in Melbourne so you can meet others with your faith in God. So before you break the glass, come meet them in person at our Jewish singles nights and join our next event. 

Upcoming Jewish Speed Dating Events

Join our Jewish speed dating event. With up to 40 attendees, meet your next romantic partner on the Shabbat at Melbourne’s best bars and Synagogues. Grab your Yarmulke, and wear someone nice, as we embark upon 12 mini dates. 

There’ll be time to mingle before the event, with nibbles like Challah and ice breaker games. During each event the ladies sit while men rotate every 5 minutes. Whenever you like someone tick yes, then hopefully one day you can declare your love under the Chuppah. 

Event Schema
Jewish speed dating event inside St Kilda Shule, with each man talking to a woman

Speed Dating Event for Jewish Singles at St Kilda Shule

Friday night 7-9pm 

St Kilda Hebrew Congregation Inc

Join our speed dating event for Jewish singles at Melbourne’s oldest Synagogue. Founded in 1871 the St Kilda Hebrew Congregation is our venue of chose as you embark upon twelve fast dates in person. Just sign into our Matching App and tick anyone you fancy! See if there’s a spark and you’ll be saying your Sheva Brachot in no time! Hosted by our friendly Rabi and Speed Dating Social from 7pm on Friday, you’ll be rotated every 5 minutes with the ladies staying seated and men going from table to table. So enjoy an evening of delightful conversation and fun chats and book your ticket today!

Event Schema

Jewish Speed Dating Night at Caulfield Shule

Saturday night 7-9pm 

Caulfield Hebrew Congregation

Hosted by Speed Dating Social at Caulfield Hebrew Congregation (also known as Caulfield Shule), is our Modern Orthodox synagogue.  Taking place on Saturday night, you’ll go on a series of 10 fast dates with other local Jewish singles of the opposite sex from Melbourne. It’s a chance to form a connection and see if there’s a spark. So come along, it’s heaps of fun like a Simcha and meet a partner who share your faith and love of God. 

Event Schema

Jewish Singles Party at ARK Centre

Wednesday night 7-9pm 

ARK Centre

Come meet your next romanitc partner at our Jewish Singles Party! Located in Hawthorn East, the ARK Centre is a Jewish community center for all ages and backgrounds to easily meet and mingle. Hosted by Speed Dating Social, you can meet others who share your faith and hang around for a Torah study session! We’re expecting about 150 locals from our Jewish Meetup group, so book your spot today! 

Jewish speed dating is important for several reasons, deeply rooted in Jewish culture and traditions

Maintaining Cultural Heritage

Jewish speed dating events provide a structured format for Jewish singles to meet and interact, ensuring that cultural heritage and traditions are upheld. By fostering connections within the Jewish community, these events help preserve important customs and practices, such as celebrating Shabbat, Hanukkah, and other Jewish holidays together.

Shared Values and Beliefs

Participants in Jewish dating events share common values and beliefs, which are essential for building strong relationships. Concepts like Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), Chesed (acts of kindness), and the observance of Mitzvot (commandments or good deeds) are central to Jewish life and can form a solid foundation for long term relationships and marriage.

Religious and Spiritual Compatibility

Finding a partner who understands and respects Jewish religious practices, such as keeping Kosher dietary laws, attending synagogue, and participating in rituals like Havdalah and the observance of Niddah, is crucial for many Jewish singles. Jewish singles events provides an opportunity to meet others who are equally committed to these traditions.

Community and Social Networks

Jewish singles nights helps to strengthen community ties by bringing together singles who are part of the same cultural and religious community. Events like these foster a sense of belonging and support, which are essential elements of Jewish life, as seen in the importance of communal gatherings and celebrations such as Simchas (joyous events).

Facilitating Traditional Matchmaking

In traditional Jewish communities, a matchmaker or Shadchanim plays a significant role in helping individuals find their Bashert (destined one or soulmate). These days Jewish speed dating modernizes this tradition by providing a space where singles can meet potential partners face to face, much like the process of Shidduch (matchmaking).

Promoting Family and Continuity

Our Jewish events support the continuity of Jewish families and communities by encouraging marriages within the same faith. This is reflected incustoms like the Chuppah (wedding canopy), Ketubah (marriage contract), and Sheva Brachot (seven blessings), which symbolize the beginning of a new Jewish family and the passing on of traditions to future generations.

In summary, Jewish speed dating is vital for preserving cultural heritage, ensuring religious compatibility, strengthening community bonds, and promoting the continuity of Jewish traditions and values. Our events provide a meaningful way for Jewish singles to connect and potentially form lifelong partnerships rooted in their shared faith and culture.

Jewish Dating FAQs

What are the rules for Jewish dating?

As you start dating, focus on respect, honesty, and finding a meaningful relationship aimed at marriage. Embrace the Shidduch system and family involvement for support. Observe modesty (Tzniut) and maintain physical boundaries (Negiah). Plan dates around Shabbat and kosher laws, ensuring shared values and religious beliefs are prioritized. Uphold privacy and discretion until engagement. Remember, Jewish dating is about building a strong, committed future, guided by faith and traditions like family purity (Taharat HaMishpacha).

What is the best dating site for Jewish singles?

If you’re a new Jewish single looking to start dating, consider using JDate, SawYouAtSinai, JSwipe, or Jewish Match. JDate is popular for its wide range of users across all Jewish denominations. SawYouAtSinai combines online dating with traditional matchmaking. JSwipe is a mobile app with a user-friendly interface, perfect for on-the-go dating. Jewish Match offers various tools for meaningful connections. Choose the platform that aligns with your preferences, and focus on finding a partner who shares your values and traditions.

Was speed dating invented by a rabbi?

Yes, speed dating was indeed invented by a rabbi. Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of Aish HaTorah, a Jewish organization, is credited with creating speed dating in 1998. The concept was developed as a way for Jewish singles to meet and connect in a structured, time-efficient manner. Rabbi Deyo introduced it as part of a program to help young Jewish professionals find potential marriage partners while maintaining traditional values and community connections. The first event took place in Los Angeles, and the idea quickly gained popularity, spreading to various communities and cultures worldwide.