Asian Speed Dating in Melbourne

Calling all unmarried Asian singles! It doesn’t matter if you’re Chinese, Japanese or Korean, we know what it’s like being pushed by our parent’s to achieve good grades, financial stability, and of course finding that perfect partner to mesh in with your family values and cultural traditions. Our singles meetups allows cross-cultural relationships, so forget the doweries, say no to arranged marriages and come to an Asian speed dating event in Melbourne! 

Join Our Exciting Asian Speed Dating Events in Melbourne

Our Singles events in Melbourne is an in person match making service for unpartnered Asians looking a monogamous relationships that align with your cultural values and parental approval. It’s a chance for those with an Asianic background to experience intimacy with a life partner and form long term relationships. Our Asian speed dating events let you meet around 15 bachelors or bachelorettes of the opposite sex in  quick succession. After meeting in person, gauge your spark and simply select who you’d like to see again on our Matching Platform. So come along and find your soulmate after a breakup or separation.

Why Choose Our Asian Dating Nights?

Our Asian Dating nights are the best in Victoria because you’ll meet a wide rang of backgrounds on your quest to find love. We include all Asians including, Vietnamese, Filipino and Thai singles. So chat to those who value traditional gender roles, extended family involvement and are attracted to your ethnic identity. 

We host events in public spaced, creating a relaxed, warm and inviting environments at Melbourne bars like Diesel Bar and Storyville. Enjoy casual chats in person while being rotated by our hosts every 5 minutes. You can sit in comfy booths and beside the bar to get your first choice of saké. 

You’ve got a 94% getting contact details the next day with our Matching App 4.0. Because every time a blind date selects you, we’ll pass their mobile number to you. That way you can tee up any subsequent dates at China Town or take a romantic stroll along Southbank overlooking the Yarra River. 

image of an Asian couple on a date in Federation Square, Melbourne

Event Details

To attend an Asian speed dating night, simply book your spot either on our website or through Eventbrite (that orange ticketing platform) or you could rsvp on our singles Melbourne Meetup. From there it’s just a matter of turning up, and please try to arrive 15mins early so we can get you checked in and settled in. And of course there’s extra mingle time before and after the event, and you’re welcome to grab a drink for the bar. 

Date and Time

At Speed Dating Social, we only hold events at prime time. Think Fridays and Saturday nights with the occasional Wednesday at Hotel Railway in Brusnswick’s beer garden. 

  • Friday Nights from 7pm to 9pm at Miranda Tequila Bar
  • Saturday Nights, 5-7pm at Diesel Bar near Melbourne Central
  • Wednesdays 7-9pm at Hotel Railway in Brunswick 

All events have 15 minutes of mingling time and orientation at the start, a 10 minute intermission break. And of course there’s always extra time to chat after each event with extra mingle and social time after the speed dating has finished. 


Our favorite venues include ones with plenty of seating and room to comfortably sit groups of 40 and up to 80 attendees. Expect to get your own table and comfortable seating, and don’t worry it’s easy to find because we number every table. Ladies you stay seated, and gentlemen, we’ll rotate you every 5 minutes. 

Miranda Tequila Bar – With easy transport near Flinders Station is a grate hidden bar and salsa club. With live DJ’s on Friday and Saturday nights, it the perfect first and second date location. 

Diesel Bar – Located on the second floor, not only do they host language exchange on Thursday nights, they’re also home to our speed dating events. You can also order a meal and expect up to 17 dates in on evening. 

Hotel Railway – Just of Sydney rd on Albert street, Hotel Railway and Project 281 are our favorite Brunswick venues. This is for all you northsiders in Richmond and Fitzroy who don’t want to catch the 19 tram to the city! So drop in and meet some Asian singles at our Brunswick dating nights

Ticket Information

Pre booking your ticket is essential. That way we can balance ratios and stick to venue capacities. Booking 50:50 ratios also ensures everyone has someone to talk to, unless of course there’s no-shows. Just be mindful there’s no refunds if you cancel within 30 days of an event. 

Early Brid Tickets – these are for you organised singles who book in advance. The first 10 people to book each event will be rewarded with a cheaper earlybird ticket starting from just 29.00 (including Eventbrite booking fees)

Last Release Tickets – Last release tickets are the final tickets available for a speed dating event. These go up to $34.90 per person as there are hardly any spots left. Remember to book fast before they’re all gone

Male Tickets – Be sure to book a male ticket if you’re you’re a male, that way you can be paired with females on the night and will only meet women. 

Female Tickets – Obviously these are to be booked by females, this is purely so we can balance ratios on the night and book the same amount of men and women at each Asian Dating night

So be sure to book an Eventbrite ticket in advance and save your place today!

How it works

A speed dating event is just like a singles party with musical chairs. Turn up, be assigned your seating and meet a bunch of sexy Asian singles for in person chats, now here’s the details: 

Upon arrival, friendly hosts will check your ticket, so be sure to have booked the right gender! There’ll be mingle time with ice breaker games and time to grab a few drinks 

Sing into Our Matching app

Be sure to scan our QR code at the door, that way you can sign into our Matching App 4.0. From there it’s just a matter of entering that nights Event Code so everyone logs into the same event. 

Be sure to enter your details such as: Starting table number, name, number, email and your gender. It’ll then text and email your event joining link. Remember to click the joining link, that will allow you to participate and select whoever you’d like to see again by pressing ‘Match’ or ‘Friend’ whenever you’d like to exchange contact details. 

Two tips are to make your selection straight after each chat so you don’t forget who you’re talking to. And although it’s optional, upload a profile pic because you’ve got to stand out of 20 singles so it’s an easy way to increase your matches. 

Say Something Interesting

When it’s time to start, simply find your seat, (it’s whatever table number you were allocated) From there the ladies stay seated and gentlemen, we’ll help you move up one seat every 5 minutes when it’s time to change dates. That way you can expect to get up to 17 mini dates in one evening! 

I know it’s our Asian culture but try to steer away from study and work. Why not talk about travel, keep it light and fun and have it as a goal to make as many friends and new connections as possible. 

What To Expect

No matter if you’re 20 or over 50; you’ll meet a divers group of people, above all expect to have a good time. So book your spot to day and sign up to one of our amazing Asian speed dating nights in Melbourne!