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Fri, 16 August 🕑 2hrs

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Perth Speed Dating Event 25-36yrs

Join our Speed Dating Event for ages 25-36 years on August 16, 2024, at The Village Bar in Perth. Meet new people and find your match with 12 fast blind dates at our singles party! Tickets from $29.90, don’t miss out!


Hosted by Speed Dating Social 💙

Over 787 events & 37,423 attendees 

Date and time


The Village Bar

531 Hay Street #10 Subiaco, WA 6008

Single? ❤️

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Popular with professionals & everyday people 👇

What is Speed Dating?

Simply Turn Up…

I’ll break the ice for you 🧊

So you can easily chat one on one

& use conversation cards if needed

Ladies Sit & Men Rotate

Be Greeted by Friendly Hosts

And Introduced to Each Date

Most Come Alone, or Invite Friends

That’s 12 Fun Mini Dates

Enjoy your privacy, I booked us the bar

There’s plenty of extra mingle time

Select Whoever You Like

Anonymously Tick Anyone You Fancy

So there’s no fear of rejection

94% get matches the next day ✅

With Equally Booked Ratios

There’s plenty of people to meet

30-40 attendees at each event!

Most book early, so don’t miss out

25-36yrs Speed Dating Social 💙

(+/- 2 years is okay) 🥂

7pm Friday 16 August,  The Village Bar

10/531 Hay St, Subiaco WA 6008

2hrs of fun chats, and extra mingle time

Still Unsure?

I Get It,

But what have you got to lose?

Why Not Take a Chance?

The only way is to try

Every night you’ll meet 15 singles

Eventually you will find someone

And If It’s Your First Time

We’re all in the same boat ⛵

Just turn up, I’ll find you a seat

Every 5mins I rotate everyone

You Simply Enjoy Fun Chats

Many have already found love

Tick ‘yes’ whenever you like someone

Get your matches the next day ❤️

Google Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

It Builds Confidence

Even if you’re new to the game,

You’ll get better at meeting people

Always Heaps of Attendees ✅

Each Week I Spend Thousands on Ads 

And always book equal ratios 50:50

So there’s plenty of people to meet ✔

Whatever You’re Looking For 

They’re Only One 5min Chat Away 

Book now & find your someone today

Success Stories 💑

Many have already found love ❤️

“When I went to my first speed dating event, I had zero expectations

– less than zero actually.
But yup, when I walked into that bar, I saw him and went all nervous.
I wouldn’t say our first conversation was scintillating. I don’t even remember what small talk we made – maybe our jobs.
At the end of the event, I saw him sitting alone and asked whether I could sit next to him. He said he wanted to see me again and I said the same.
We are now happily and exclusively together. If I have any advice to give anyone, it would be to give speed dating a try. I was lucky to have found my person the first time around. But I had been online dating for a year with no success.
We are now happily and exclusively together. If I have any advice to give anyone, it would be to give speed dating a try. I was lucky to have found my person the first time around. But I had been online dating for a year with no success.

You may not find someone the first time or the 10th time, but at least these guys take the trouble to show up and put their best foot forward. They are making the effort which is more than I can say for some people on online dating sites – and that’s not even counting the sleazeballs.
– a happy attendee”

“I would like to let you know that last month,

I attended one of your speed dating nights in Hardware Lane and met the most beautiful girl. We connected and you sent our numbers to us.
We met up again the next day and have been on many dates and have spoken every day, for hours It’s been 6 weeks + and going strong.
Just wanted to let you know of one of your success stories. The future looks bright.
We recommend your speed dating nights to every single person we speak to. It was so much fun. Thank you.”

“I just wanted to let you know…

That I won’t been attending your next event. I had already purchased the ticket earlier… I attended the last event and had a wonderful time… after I worked up the courage to actually walk in…
I was so nervous and almost didn’t go in but I am really glad I did I have made a connection with a great guy and am looking forward to pursuing that and seeing how we go.

So thank you for all the effort in putting these events together… don’t worry about giving me a refund on the ticket, maybe you can give that to someone that rocks up on the night without a ticket as I know how hard They are to get. thanks so much again.”

How It Works

Try To Arrive On Time ✅

But if you’re a little late, that’s okay

There’s time to mingle & grab a drink

You’ll be greeted and shown your seat

Get Matches on Your Phone 

On arrival, scan our QR Code 

See all attendees on your phone

Simply tick ‘yes’ on whoever you like

We Organise It For You 

The hosts will get you settled

And rotate you every 5mins

Simply enjoy fun 5min chats

Matches are sent after the event

Past Event Photos 📸

Event Details

Ready to ditch the endless swiping and dive into the world of real-life connections? Welcome to “Millennial Mixer,” the ultimate speed dating event for singles aged 25-36 in Perth, Australia! Being single in this vibrant city can be a rollercoaster ride, with its bustling nightlife and outdoor lifestyle sometimes making it challenging to form meaningful connections. But fear not, because our event at The Village Bar is here to shake up your dating game and potentially find you that perfect match you’ve been searching for.

The Village Bar, a local hotspot with rave reviews on Google, is located at 10/531 Wellington St, Perth WA 6000. Getting there is a breeze – just hop on the Red CAT bus and get off at the Wellington Street stop. For your outfit, think smart casual with a touch of Perth flair. Guys, a crisp button-down and well-fitted jeans will do the trick, while ladies can never go wrong with a cute sundress or stylish top paired with your favorite jeans. Need a quick fashion fix? Swing by Harbour Town Perth for some last-minute shopping. And don’t worry if you’re coming from further afield – we’ve got singles joining us from neighboring suburbs like Northbridge and Subiaco too!

How It Works

Now, let’s break down how our Millennial Mixer works. Upon arrival, you’ll receive a name card and scan a QR code to access our nifty Matching App 4.0. This app is your new best friend for the night, showing you a list of all attendees and letting you keep track of your connections. After some initial mingling at the bar (perfect for calming those pre-date jitters), the ladies will take their seats while the gents rotate every 5 minutes. 

You’ll have 12 mini-dates in total – that’s an hour of potential love connections! Use the app to mark your dates as either ‘Match’ or ‘Friend,’ and if the feeling’s mutual, you’ll get their contact details at 8am the next morning. Pro tip: come armed with a few fun icebreaker questions to keep the conversation flowing! The event runs from 7pm to 9pm, with a fun intermission game to keep the energy high. With an equal ratio of 20 guys and 20 ladies, you’re guaranteed to meet new people. Trust us, this face-to-face interaction beats swiping on Tinder or waiting for a message on Bumble any day of the week!

Who You’ll Meet

At our Millennial Mixer, you’ll meet a diverse group of young professionals and creatives who are navigating the exciting (and sometimes confusing) world of adult relationships. Many are career-focused individuals looking to balance their professional ambitions with their desire for a meaningful partnership. You might meet software engineers from the booming Perth tech scene, teachers shaping the next generation, or creative types involved in the city’s thriving arts community. 

These millennials often hang out at trendy spots like The Aviary or The Standard, but struggle to make lasting connections in these casual settings. Some have tried their luck on dating apps like Hinge or Coffee Meets Bagel, while others are venturing into the dating scene after long-term relationships. Common challenges include finding time to date amidst busy schedules and moving past superficial interactions to form deeper connections. To make the most of your speed dating experience, be genuine, ask thoughtful questions, and don’t be afraid to show your quirky side – after all, authenticity is attractive! And if you hit it off with someone, why not suggest a second date at the nearby Elizabeth Quay? A romantic stroll along the water’s edge could be the perfect setting to continue your budding romance.

Your Host

Speed Dating Social, founded by the visionary Darcy Todd in 2020, has been revolutionizing the Perth dating scene with over 787 successful events under our belt. We’ve had the pleasure of introducing more than 37,423 singles, always ensuring an equal ratio of men to women for a balanced and enjoyable experience. 

Our tickets are priced at a wallet-friendly $29.90 for early birds and $34.90 for last-minute decision makers. We have a strict no-refund policy within 30 days of an event to maintain fairness and ensure commitment from all attendees. Got questions or need more info? Drop us a line at – we’re here to help you on your journey to finding love!

The Venue

The Village Bar, our chosen venue for the Millennial Mixer, is more than just a watering hole – it’s a Perth institution with a rich history. Originally built in the 1920s as a wool store, it was transformed into a bar in the early 2000s by local entrepreneur Sarah Thompson. This blend of historical charm and modern flair creates the perfect atmosphere for our speed dating event. The exposed brick walls and vintage decor serve as great conversation starters, while the spacious layout allows for smooth transitions between mini-dates. 

One of the bar’s standout features is its impressive craft beer selection, perfect for those who want to bond over a shared love of hops. For a truly local experience, why not try their signature cocktail, the “Swan River Sunset,” a delightful mix of Western Australian gin, passionfruit, and a hint of locally sourced honey? The Village Bar’s unique ambiance adds an extra layer of excitement to the speed dating experience, making each mini-date feel like a romantic adventure. Remember, confidence is key in speed dating, so take a deep breath, flash your best smile, and let your personality shine through. Who knows? Your perfect match might just be a 5-minute conversation away!

Book Tickets

Early Bird Tickets from $29.90 AUD

Early Bird Tickets are cheaper to reward those who book early.

Last Release Tickets from $34.90 AUD

Last Release are the Final tickets available for this event.

*no refunds within 30 days of an event

Frequently Asked Questions

Please, I drain my bank account to spend an eye watering amount on weekly ads, there’s always plenty of people

We don’t cancel events, check our Instagram @speeddatingsocials our events are epic, full, fun and pumping. We bring it each and every time

As mentioned in the description, there’s a 2 year tolerance either side of the age bracket. That’s +/- 2 years is okay

Of course, we always book equal 50:50 ratios. That’s why there’s a limited amount of both Male/Female tickets 

Email us at

There’s no refunds if it’s within 30 days of an event

Yes, if you can’t make it you can transfer your ticket to a friend, providing they are the same gender and age range that you booked for.

On the night simply scan into our QR Code to access our Matching App 4.0. From there just enter that nights Event Code, your starting table number, mobile number, name and email. From there you’ll be texted and emailed a joining link. Click that link – you’ll then be able to see/ select anyone you like directly though your phone.

All matches are sent at 8am the following day. Even if you don’t select someone, you’ll still receive their contact their details if they selected you

Last places available

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