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Best Bars in Southbank To Go On A Date

Planning a romantic date in Southbank, VIC? This vibrant Melbourne neighborhood is perfect for a night out with its blend of stunning riverside views, elegant dining, and lively bars. For a memorable date, start at Ludlow Bar & Dining Room, known for its sleek decor and Yarra River views. Then, visit The Waiting Room at Crown Towers, which exudes timeless sophistication. 

Lastly, Hopscotch offers a playful vibe with creative cocktails and a lively beer garden. Nearby, stroll along the Southbank Promenade with its twinkling lights, or enjoy art at the National Gallery of Victoria – both perfect for sparking romantic conversations.

Written by Darcy Todd, speed dating expert in Australia

The Best Bars in Southbank, VIC

If you’re planning a romantic evening at BearBrass on Southbank, you’re in for a treat. Situated along the iconic Southbank Promenade, near the Arts Centre Melbourne, it’s an easy landmark to spot. 

BearBrass greets you with a warm, modern décor. Its inviting atmosphere, with plush seating and soft lighting, strikes the perfect balance for a first date. Inside, the vibe is lively yet intimate, making it great for meaningful conversations. Their signature dishes like the crispy calamari or the gourmet pizza are crowd-pleasers and perfect for sharing. The bar’s riverside view is a must-see, especially at sunset – it’s a perfect backdrop for a first kiss.

Blondie Bar in Southbank, delightful choice for a date night. Nestled at 31 Sturt Street, near the iconic Arts Centre Melbourne, this stylish spot is easily accessible by tram routes 1 or 58. You’ll notice Blondie’s chic décor, featuring sleek modern furnishings and a warm ambiance that sets a relaxed mood perfect for a first date. The interior boasts a striking mix of contemporary design and cozy nooks, ideal for intimate conversations. 

The bar’s history as a creative hub for Southbank’s arts precinct adds a touch of cultural flair, making it a great conversation starter. Opt for a booth if available; it’s perfect for close conversation and feels more private. Their signature cocktails like the Blondie Spritz or the Southbank Sour are must-tries, offering vibrant flavors that can impress. For dinner, their flatbreads and lamb kofta are crowd favorites—delicious and shareable. Enjoy the smooth tunes of jazz or soft pop, making it a perfect backdrop for meaningful talks. Afterward, consider a romantic stroll to the nearby Yarra River or the lush Queen Victoria Gardens to keep the night magical.

Pétanque Social in Southbank, a delightful blend of elegance and playfulness. Nestled beside the Crown Casino on Whiteman Street, it’s easy to find and even easier to love. Arrive by tram on routes 12, 58, or 96, all stopping nearby at Casino/MCEC. The short stroll from the stop adds a nice anticipatory touch to the evening. As you approach, the venue’s French Riviera theme, complete with blue and white stripes, sets a relaxed yet sophisticated tone.

Inside, the atmosphere is chic and cozy, with a charming blend of modern furnishings and classic décor that makes for an inviting setting. The bar is perfect for a relaxed conversation; consider snagging a spot by the outdoor terrace to enjoy views of the Yarra River.

Pétanque Social is known for its vibrant cocktails; try the refreshing “Côte d’Azur Spritz” or the elegant “French Martini.” Sharing a signature dish like the charcuterie platter can foster a sense of camaraderie. The upbeat yet mellow music complements the setting, making it ideal for both first dates and deepening connections. 

Taking your date to Hophaus Bar in Southbank, VIC, is a surefire way to impress. Nestled on the bustling Southbank Promenade, this Bavarian-inspired beer hall is easy to find, right beside the Yarra River. Your best bet is to meet outside Southgate shopping centre and stroll over—it’s the perfect prelude to your evening. 

As you step into Hophaus, the welcoming timber furnishings and charming vintage décor set a cozy yet vibrant mood, ideal for a first date or rekindling a long-term romance. The bar’s grand, high ceilings and striking art-deco interior create an atmosphere that feels both intimate and grand. 

Chat about the bar’s history—it was once a bustling shipping warehouse. Try the house’s signature ‘Weißbier,’ a smooth Bavarian wheat beer, or the ‘Hophaus Espresso Martini’ for a twist on the classic cocktail. Pair your drinks with the ‘Bavarian Pretzel’ and the ‘Pork Knuckle’—they’re both crowd-pleasers.

Left Bank Melbourne Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

Left Bank Melbourne Restaurant & Cocktail Bar in southbank Riverside of, 1 Southbank Blvd, Southbank VIC 3006

Going on a date at Left Bank Melbourne Restaurant & Cocktail Bar in Southbank, VIC, is a blend of chic and comfort. Nestled on Southbank Boulevard with the Crown Casino nearby. The luxurious yet welcoming décor with its rich tones and stylish furnishings sets the scene for an enchanting evening. Start at the main bar for a signature Espresso Martini or a Left Bank Sour – both crowd-pleasers.

The soft lighting and plush seating make it easy to relax and focus on each other. Discuss the bar’s history – it’s a staple in Melbourne’s nightlife since its establishment, known for its sophisticated atmosphere. Order their seafood platter or truffle fries for a delightful shareable experience. Cap off the date with a riverside stroll or visit the Crown Casino’s dazzling light show, just a stone’s throw away.

Hopscotch Melbourne located on Riverside Quay, it’s right by the Yarra River, making it an ideal date spot—just look for the glowing Eureka Tower nearby. The modern, laid-back vibe immediately sets the mood for a relaxed yet exciting evening. The bar’s urban chic decor, complete with vibrant murals and eclectic furnishings, invites conversation and curiosity. The bar is known for its craft beer, and there’s often a DJ spinning tracks in the background, adding to the energetic yet not overwhelming ambiance. 

When you walk in, the mood is lively, perfect for easing first-date nerves or rekindling romance. Impress your date with a fun fact: Hopscotch was once an old warehouse before transforming into this eclectic hotspot. Start with their signature cocktail, the “Hopscotch Smash,” or the “Riverside Spritz,” both of which are crowd-pleasers. Sharing the cheeseburger spring rolls and the salt and pepper calamari will score you major points; they’re the perfect mix of familiar and exotic.

Ludlow Bar & Dining Room nestled along the picturesque Yarra River on Southbank Promenade, is perfect for any romantic evening. The bar’s rustic chic decor, featuring warm woods and plush seating, immediately sets a welcoming tone. You’ll feel the cozy atmosphere wash over you—a mix of intimate lighting and stylish furnishings that make first-date nerves melt away. 

For an ideal spot, grab a booth near the windows for a river view; try their signature “Yarra Breeze” or the classic “Southbank Sling” to impress your date. Pair these with their must-try dishes like the succulent beef brisket or the fresh seafood platter—delicious conversation starters. As for conversation topics, discuss the bar’s unique transformation from a 19th-century factory to its current sleek iteration, adding a historical twist to your night. Enjoy the live jazz that often plays in the background, perfect for fans of smooth, melodic tunes. For a nightcap, consider a short walk to the nearby Eureka Skydeck for a breathtaking views.

Heading to PJ O’Brien’s Irish Pub in Southbank for a date night is a charming adventure. Located on. Stepping inside, the warm wooden décor and cozy vibe instantly make you feel at ease. For a date, the snug booths are perfect, offering a sense of intimacy. If you want to impress, mention how the pub’s been a staple since 1996, known for its authentic Irish charm. Try the classic Irish Coffee or the signature Guinness—both are excellent ice-breakers.

Order the Beef & Guinness Pie or the Fish and Chips—both are hearty and delicious, perfect for sharing a taste of tradition. After your meal, head to the nearby Yarra Promenade for a romantic riverside walk. The live Celtic music adds a festive touch, making it ideal for anyone who appreciates lively tunes. 

Going on a date to Yassas – The Greek Way in Southbank, is right across the river from Flinders Street Station. Yassas greets you with a vibrant Greek charm. The décor, with its blue and white tones, evokes the Mediterranean, setting a cozy, intimate vibe perfect for first dates or long-term partners.

Engage your date by ordering their signature Ouzo Spritz and the delicious Saganaki cheese—a conversation starter in itself. With Greek music playing softly, it’s a delightful spot to discuss the rich history of Greek cuisine or simply enjoy the ambiance. Whether you’re new lovers or old flames, Yassas promises a memorable night with the perfect blend of romance and fun.

The General Assembly’s romantic scene in Southbank is delightful. Nestled along South Wharf Promenade, this venue boasts a picturesque riverside setting with the stunning backdrop of the Melbourne city skyline. 

The bar’s rustic charm, with its blend of industrial and vintage décor, sets a cozy and relaxed mood, ideal for easing first-date jitters or enjoying an established relationship. The wooden accents and ambient lighting make it feel intimate yet lively. Dress smart-casual, but lean towards comfortable chic, and consider bringing a jacket if you plan to enjoy the outdoor seating area.

For a perfect spot, aim for the booths by the windows for a mix of privacy and a great view. The General Assembly is known for its craft beer and signature cocktails like the “South Wharf Sour” and “Assembly Espresso Martini” – perfect for impressing your date. Discuss the bar’s history as a repurposed warehouse, now a vibrant social hub, to spark interesting conversation.

Pair your drinks with their famous share plates like the crispy calamari and pork belly sliders, which are not only delicious but also easy to eat while chatting. The upbeat yet relaxed vibe, often accompanied by live acoustic music, making it an ideal spot for a modern, relaxed date.








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