Best Bars in Brighton To Go On A Date

Brighton, VIC, is a bayside gem perfect for a romantic date night. Half Moon boasts cozy nooks and a scenic courtyard, ideal for intimate conversations and relaxed outdoor dining. The Deck Brighton features stunning rooftop views and a vibrant cocktail menu, perfect for enjoying sunset drinks and lively conversation. Brighton Beach Hotel combines historic charm with beachfront views, creating a serene ambiance for a seaside date. 

Nearby, stroll the iconic Brighton Bathing Boxes or enjoy a scenic walk at Green Point Reserve. Head to Church Street for a bustling date night vibe with boutique shopping, cafes, and a lively atmosphere.

Written by Darcy Todd, speed dating expert in Australia

The Best Bars in Brighton, VIC

Mothers Milk Brighton

Mothers Milk Brighton

Taking a date to Mother’s Milk Brighton is an experience wrapped in charm and sophistication. Located at 17A/200 Bay St, Brighton, this bar stands out with its retro ambiance and cozy, dimly lit interior, creating a perfect setting for a romantic evening. You’ll spot the entrance easily; it’s near the Brighton Town Hall, a local landmark. If you’re coming by public transport, the Brighton Beach train station on the Sandringham line is your best bet, followed by a short stroll down Bay Street. The bar’s mood instantly sets a romantic tone, with plush, vintage furnishings and intimate nooks that invite deep conversation.

I’d suggest dressing smart casual to fit the bar’s chic vibe. Opt for a booth for a more secluded feel, perfect for whispering sweet nothings. Mother’s Milk is renowned for its innovative cocktails—try the “Midnight Kiss” or the “Bay Street Breeze” for a delightful start. As for food, the truffle fries and the charcuterie board are must-haves, combining flavors that will impress your date. Share fun facts about the bar’s history—it was once an old apothecary, adding a touch of mystery to your evening. End the night with a walk to the Brighton Beach, just a short distance away, where the iconic bathing boxes make for a picturesque backdrop for a first kiss.

Affectionately known as “The Brighton,” the Brighton Beach Hotel sets a perfect stage for a memorable evening. Catch the Sandringham train to Middle Brighton Station, and enjoy a leisurely stroll down Church Street until you reach The Esplanade. As you approach, the hotel’s classic Victorian architecture, dating back to 1842, immediately stands out, providing a romantic backdrop for your date. The warm, welcoming ambiance, with its traditional wooden furnishings and cozy booths, creates a relaxed yet sophisticated mood. The dim lighting and tasteful décor add a touch of elegance, making it ideal for a first date or celebrating a special occasion. For an intimate setting, choose a corner booth with a view of Port Phillip Bay—perfect for cozy conversations.

Share a couple of their signature cocktails, like the “Brighton Breeze” or the “Esplanade Margarita,” both delicious choices that show off the bar’s flair. Impress your date with a fun fact: the venue originally served as a popular summer retreat in the 1800s, and its history can be felt in every corner. The menu is delightful—try the grilled calamari or the seafood linguine, both known for their fresh, vibrant flavors. For dessert, a short walk to the nearby Brighton Ice Creamery is a must. Discuss the bar’s storied past, the beautiful view, or the latest exhibits at the nearby Bayside Gallery to keep the conversation flowing. For a romantic ending, head back to the hotel’s rooftop bar if it’s open—sharing a jacket on a breezy night here can be a sweet gesture.

Newbay Hotel in Brighton, promises a memorable evening filled with charm. Located on New Street, this venue is easy to find—just a short walk from the Bay Street shops, making it perfect for a romantic pre-dinner stroll. When you arrive, the Newbay’s warm and inviting ambiance, with its dark wood furnishings and cozy, dimly lit corners, sets the stage for intimacy. The bar’s nautical theme, highlighted by maritime décor and vintage posters, adds a touch of unique character to your evening. 

Impress your date with the bar’s history—it’s a local institution with a heritage dating back to 1907. Sip on their signature cocktails like the “Brighton Sour” or the “Newbay Martini,” perfect for breaking the ice. Share a plate of their crispy calamari or the decadent beef sliders—both are crowd-pleasers that complement a cozy conversation. Enjoy live acoustic music, ideal for those who appreciate a laid-back, intimate atmosphere. For a special touch, head to the rooftop terrace for a breathtaking view. End the night with a sweet walk along the Brighton Pier—just a short stroll away—for a perfect, romantic finale.

A romantic date at Half Moon in Brighton, offers a delightful experience with its inviting ambience and chic décor. Nestled on Church Street, right near the iconic Dendy Deli, it’s a breeze to find. Upon entering, the warm lighting and elegant timber furnishings set a cozy mood, perfect for easing first-date jitters.

Impress your date by mentioning that the bar, renowned for its heritage feel, has a history dating back to the 1800s, seamlessly blending old-world charm with modern sophistication. Choose a booth for a more intimate setting or sit at the bar to enjoy people-watching. Don’t miss their signature cocktails: the “Moonlight Martini” and “Brighton Breeze.” Or if you’re hungry, the crispy pork belly and seafood linguine are standouts. As the evening winds down, suggest a short walk to the Brighton Beach Boxes for a picturesque end to a memorable date.

If you’re meeting up at Mr & Mrs P in Brighton have your date meet you at the entrance to the nearby Dendy Cinema—a charming landmark. The bar’s exterior is sleek and inviting, setting the tone for the night. Inside, the mood is set by warm, ambient lighting and stylish décor, featuring plush seating and chic furnishings that exude comfort and sophistication. For a more intimate experience, snag a booth. They offer a cozy spot to get close and chat without distractions. 

Mr & Mrs P boasts a fascinating history—it was formerly a Victorian bank, adding a unique character to your date. The venue’s signature cocktails, like the “Mr. P’s Martini” or the “Mrs. P’s Passion,” are perfect conversation starters and taste fantastic. The jazz and soul background music creates a relaxed, romantic atmosphere, perfect for a memorable date.

A date at Brix Bar and Garden feels like stepping into a cozy oasis of charm. For an easy journey, hop on the 216 bus, which drops you off just a short walk away. Brix’s warm, rustic decor with its wooden furnishings and fairy lights creates an intimate mood perfect for sparking conversation. It’s a venue where a smart-casual outfit shines—think a nice shirt or a dress.

Brix has a rich history, originally an old warehouse before being transformed into this stylish bar. Grab a cozy booth for more privacy or sit at the bar to keep the vibe light and friendly. Signature cocktails like their “Brix Spritz” and the “Brighton Breeze” are must-tries, and sharing the Brix Charcuterie Board can be a delightful start to your date. Enjoy smooth jazz tunes that set a relaxed yet lively tone.

Hotel Brighton in Brighton, located at 286 Bay Street, is easy to find with the Middle Brighton Station or Bus 703, which stops close by. Inside, you’re greeted with a warm, inviting atmosphere. The décor blends contemporary style with vintage touches, creating an ambiance perfect for a romantic evening. Casual yet elegant attire works well here. Opt for a cozy booth upstairs or a spot by the windows downstairs, which offers a more intimate setting.

Originally built in 1846, this venue’s rich history adds a unique touch to your date. Order your date signature drinks like the “Brighton Sunset” cocktail or the house-special espresso martini. Afterwards, try the crispy calamari or the grilled salmon – they’re known for their fresh, vibrant flavors.

The Deck Brighton in Brighton, nestled on the corner of Bay Street and St Andrews Street, exudes an inviting charm that sets a romantic tone. The moment you and your date step off the 216 or 219 bus and into the warm, ambient glow of The Deck, you’ll feel the night’s potential glow. With a laid-back coastal vibe, the venue’s chic décor blends modern elegance with relaxed comfort, making it perfect for a casual yet stylish date night.

The outdoor terrace is the spot to be, especially during sunset. Imagine sitting on the plush seating, with soft fairy lights twinkling above, enhancing the intimate atmosphere. Try their signature cocktail, the “Brighton Breeze,” and pair it with a dish from their renowned seafood selection, like the crispy calamari. These choices not only impress but offer great talking points about your mutual tastes. And if you’re lucky, you might catch a live acoustic set, perfect for a music-loving date.

If you’re looking to impress your date in Brighton, Sons Of Mary on New Street is a charming choice. This sophisticated spot, near the corner of New Street and Church Street, offers a blend of elegance and relaxation, perfect for breaking the ice. On entering, the bar’s stylish, cozy ambiance with its warm wooden tones and plush seating immediately puts you at ease. I recommend meeting your date at the entrance, under the inviting glow of the bar’s signature hanging lamps.

The bar features a main area and a more intimate upstairs space, ideal for a quieter conversation. Try their signature Espresso Martini or a refreshing Pimm’s Cup—both are conversation starters and perfect icebreakers. Sharing a plate of their renowned crispy calamari or indulging in their spiced lamb pizza could lead to light, fun discussions about favorite foods. The background tunes are a mix of classic and modern hits, catering to millennials and Gen X alike, and enhancing the relaxed vibe.

Antique Bar in Elsternwick, feels like stepping back in time. Located at 218 Glen Huntly Road, this hidden gem is easily found near the intersection with Nepean Highway, making it accessible by the 64 tram. For a memorable meeting spot, suggest rendezvousing right under the vintage street lamp outside the bar, setting a romantic tone from the start. The bar’s Victorian-inspired decor, with its warm amber lighting, antique furnishings, and velvet couches, creates an intimate atmosphere perfect for deep conversations and close connections. Wear something smart casual, perhaps with a vintage twist to match the vibe. 

As you enter, you’ll be captivated by the classic charm, making it ideal for a first date or a cozy evening with someone special. For drinks, the bar’s signature cocktails like the “Old World Fashioned” or the “Antique Negroni” are must-tries, both rich in flavor and history. If you’re peckish, the charcuterie boards are delicious options that are easy to share and enjoy. The bar’s playlist typically features a mix of jazz and blues, setting a mellow mood that’s just right for meaningful conversations. 

Date night at the Grosvenor Hotel in St Kilda East, is a blend of history and contemporary charm. Located on Brighton Road, just a short stroll from the Elwood Canal, this venue is easy to find with the iconic St Kilda Botanical Gardens nearby. For public transport, the 67 tram stops right outside the hotel, making it convenient and stress-free. Upon arrival, you’ll notice the elegant, warm decor with plush leather seating and soft lighting, which sets a cozy mood perfect for intimate conversations. The venue exudes a historic charm, having been established in 1865, and its heritage building adds a unique touch to your date night.

Start by getting your date with Grosvenor’s signature cocktails, like the ‘Grosvenor Old Fashioned’ or the ‘Eastside Gimlet’. Pair your drinks with their must-try dishes such as the 12-hour slow-cooked lamb shoulder or the gourmet pizzas, which are a local favorite. Sharing these can be a great icebreaker, and discussing the venue’s history can add a layer of interest. The ambiance, often complemented by live acoustic music, suits those who enjoy a laid-back yet sophisticated atmosphere. For a perfect end, take a romantic walk to the nearby St Kilda Beach, just a short tram ride away, to watch the sunset.