Silver Singles: Speed Dating in Sydney for Over 50s

Welcome to a world where love is timeless, bonds are real, and romance ignores the limitations set by age. If you are over 50, single and wish to pursue companionship in the lively city of Sydney, you can turn to Speed Dating Social first. Our events are organised with you in mind and designed especially for people looking for love after divorce or widows who know the best adventures are still lying ahead.


If you’re over fifty and looking for love, don’t give up because we’ve got you covered. We run weekly over 50s singles events at great venues like Sanctuary Hotel in the CBD, Soultrap Bar in Surry Hills and Club Paramatta, in you guessed it, Paramatta. Think of it as a 50s meetup group for singles where you’re introduced to dates of the opposite sex for short one-on-one mini dates. It’s a way to easily meet people and even find love in Sydney. 

Event Details How It Works

Book our next Over 50s speed dating event and receive a warm greeting as you meet your next potential partner in person ❤

  • Simply book an Eventbrite ticket
  • Arrive 15min early, events are from 7-9pm
  • On the night the host will check you in 
  • Scan into the QR code and match through your phone
  • Select ‘Match’ or ‘Friend’ whenever you like someone
  • There’s time for nibbles and pre drinks
  • Be assigned your own table
  • Go through a series of 12 mini dates
  • Midway 10min break for intermission
  • Finish at 9pm with mingle time afterwards
  • Finalise your selections and get your matches at 8am the next day


Early Bird Tickets from $29.90AUD 

Last Release Tickets from $34.90AUD


Get off RSVP and turn put down SilverSingles, it’s time to take some action and instantly get 12 fun dates in a single night. 

If you’re single and over 50, book your spot and come meet your next long term relationship in person. Just book an Eventbrite ticket and try to arrive early. 

On the night we check your ticket, let you scan a QR code into our matching portal and assign you a seat. Then when the speed dating starts the host rotate the guys every 5 minutes so you’ll meet between 12 and 15 singles in a single night. 

Held at Crows Nest Hotel’s historic venue, we have the upstairs lounge, One Willoughby with ample chairs and seating. And of course we have a 10minute midway intermission break. Just tick ‘Match’ or ‘Friend’ on our matching portal and you’ll get your matches contact details the next day. 

And when the event finishes at 9pm, those who wish to stay can with plenty of extra mingle time with pub classics and cocktails while exploring this iconic 100 year old Sydney bar.  And remember to reach out to those you match with to set up second dates the following week. 

Creating a Welcoming Environment

singles mingling in crows nest hotel at over 50s speed dating event in sydney, Australia

Speed Dating Social’s diversity is more than a mere phrase. We perfectly understand that it is not easy to step back into the dating world again. Therefore, we’ve created a cosy and friendly spot where you can totally be yourself. The instant you enter, you’ll receive warm and friendly greetings and an atmosphere of friendship that will build you up.

Although discovering love is the main purpose, our mini dates offer a lot more than just the possibility of romance. They provide a platform to further broaden your social network, interact with individuals of similar interests, and become part of a 50s meetup group that appreciates life’s moments and shared journeys. Besides seeking a partner, you’ll also spend time with one another, forging friendships, and enjoying nights full of smiles.

As a member of our speed dating community, you’ll gain access to exclusive discounts and special offers from our partner venues and sponsors. Whether it’s discounted tickets to local events or deals at nearby restaurants and cafes, these perks add value to your membership and enhance your overall experience.

A Dedicated Team Of Hosts

Beyond every outstanding event, we can find a group of hosts determined to guarantee that your visit was incomparable. They will greet you with a hearty smile, guide you through the course of the evening program, and accompany you, with full support and motivation, through each step of the journey. They not only give their very best and bring positive vibes by the end of your stay with us, but you will certainly remember your time with us as simply amazing.

We appreciate participant feedback and work hard to make improvements to our events on a regular basis in response to their ideas and observations. We ask guests for comments and ideas following the event so that we can improve our services and make even better events in the future.

Are you willing to take on your own adventure of discovery? Browse our events calendar and book your spot to spend an evening with a group of souls who are as eager to reignite the love and connect as you are. No matter what the occasion, whether it’s a themed extravaganza, a cozy circle of friends, or a relaxed get-together, there is fun waiting for you to be curious and passionate.

As you navigate the intricate tapestry of Sydney’s dating scene, remember that age is not a barrier but a beacon—a testament to a life richly lived and stories worth sharing. At speed dating Sydney over 50, we invite you to embrace the journey, seize the moment, and rediscover the magic of romance in its purest form. Your seat at the table awaits—come, let’s create new memories and embark on a journey of connection together.

The Appeal of Over 50s Speed Dating Nights

In today’s digital world waiting for notifications on OurTime & SilverSingles is the norm, the speed dating experience is refreshing—a chance to meet in the flesh, chat with real people, and connect in a meaningful way. For those over 50, it’s the opportunity to turn your years of wisdom into strength, see the world through a different lens, building connections with like-spirited individuals who are in the same boat as you and understand what the journey of retiring means.

We are aware that every person has different dating tastes and requirements. In order to assist participants in finding compatible matches based on their unique tastes, interests, and values, we provide personalised matchmaking services. Our skilled matchmakers collaborate closely with each participant to find compatible matches,  creating connections that lead to something substantial.

Our Sydney singles over 50 events are held in distinctive, fashionable settings that pay attention to the refined interests and inclinations of our senior attendees. Every location, from elegant wine bars to luxurious lounges, is hand-selected to offer a sophisticated and cosy atmosphere for our speed dating events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, speed dating is still popular, especially in Australia and widely used as a way for singles to meet potential partners. Many singles find it a fun and engaging alternative to the dating apps, especially in Sydney where dating events draw big crowds of 30-40 people. Our events are held in various settings, such as The Crows Nest Hotel, The Argyle and Soultrap Bar, offering a social and relaxed atmosphere.

Yes, speed dating can be effective in helping singles meet, thus creating romantic relationships. Many participants enjoy the face-to-face interactions and the structured format, which allows you to meet a bunch of potential partners in a short amount of time. The success rates vary from person to person, but many have found lasting connections through our speed dating events in Sydney.

In speed dating, each interaction between participants typically lasts between 3 to 8 minutes. The exact duration of our mini dates is 5 minutes depending on the night and how many attendees are at the event. During a 2 hour event, the five minute dates gives you enough time to introduce yourself, ask a few questions, and get a general sense of whether you might be interested in seeing them again

Our speed dating events lasts for 2 hours, stretching from 7pm to 9pm. It mainly depends on if everyone gets there on time and of course on our lovely hosts for getting the event started on time. In our experience we’ve found 2 hours to be the perfect duration as it allows attendees between 12-17 mini dates. And of course the night isn’t over, those who wish to keep mingling can stay back and chat!  

No, it is definitely not too. Many silver singles are finding fulfilling and meaningful relationships later in life. Yes we age, but our understanding of ourselves and what we want in a partner often becomes clearer, which leads to more genuine and compatible connections. There are numerous avenues for meeting your next potential partners, such as over 50s Sydney meetups, singles events, eHarmony and OurTime. Just remember to keep an open mind and it’s never too late to find love.