Gay Speed Dating Events in Sydney, NSW

Calling all unattached, available and unmarried gay, queer and lesbian singles in Sydney! If you want to ditch those gay dating apps and find more then a situationship or one night stand, then listen up! We host matchmaking events in NSW for all LGBTQ, transgender and non binary singles at the The Oxford Hotel and The Beresford Hotel. From 7pm you’ll enjoy 15 fast paced in person mini dates, so you can feel if there’s a spark or connection at our next gay Speed Dating Social event in Sydney!

Simply pre book an Eventbrite Ticket, and arrive 15mins early. You’ll meet around 40 gay singles, with time to mingle and then find your seat. Friendly hosts will assign each fabolous queer a seat and you’ll be rotated every 5minutes for a series of fast dates. From there simply tick who you’d like to see again on our Matching App 4.0 and you’ll get there contact details the next day. Here’s the deets: 

Upcoming Gay Speed Dating Events

Event Details

Sydney is so much more then the Harbor Bridge and Opera House, it’s also home to Australia’s largest gay community. So book an event, you don’t have to wait for the next Mardi Gras to meet your next long term partner or lover. So get off Grindr, put down Her and join our blind dating events! 

Date and Time

7-9pm on Friday and Saturday nights. We host events at prime time, that’s Friday and Saturdays; usually starting at 7pm (please arrive 15mins early so you can be checked in). There’s also extra time at the end.


Stonewall Hotel 175 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW


Where else but the amazing Stonewall Hotel. Located just off Oxford street, this iconic gay bar is home to Sydney’s premier LGBTQ+ nightlife and events. Explore it’s 3 floors while mingling and matching with up to 15 fabulous queer singles. Known for it’s Regular drag shows, karaoke nights, and themed parties – you’ll have plenty of activities to kick onto after the event. So book your tickets and find love at the Stonewall Hotel. 

Age Groups

LGBTQ Speed Dating for under 30s, this is for you millennials and uni grads still finding yourself. Yes there is a real world of talking to people in the flesh like Elton John did back in the day. Expect to get 12 blind dates with sexy gay singles in their 20s and 30s. 

Gay speed Dating for over 40s, if you’re a gay mature adult in your 40s, then this is the age bracket for you. You’ll meet experienced, seasoned singles who are also serious about finding love, commitment or their next long term relationship. And being in your forties doesn’t mean baggage or single parents, it means life experience and getting to know someone in the next stage of life.  

Queer speed Dating for over 50s, calling all queer baby boomers, and empty nesters in the LGBTQ+ community who are looking to share the next stage of life with someone. Maybe you’ve been through a divorce and are searching for your soulmate. Book a spot and get 15 dates with other singles that are the same sex as you. 

Ticket Prices

Early Bird Tickets – are just $29.90, that’s all inclusive of our matching platform, venue hire and of course our supportive hosts. Early bird tickets are cheaper to reward those who get in early and book first. 

Early Bird Tickets – are $34.90, due to limited places, the final seats in our gay speed dating event are $34.90. This includes the Eventbrite booking fee, 12 fast dates and access to our matching platform, so book now and meet someone near you! 

Event Activities

  • Arrive 15 minutes early for singing
  • Before 7pm is mingle time at the bar
  • From 7-8pm is first round of speed dates
  • 8pm is 10min intermission time
  • After 9pm is casual mingling at our gay singles party

Why Choose Our Gay Speed Dating Events?

At Speed Dating Social we take pride in running dating events across Australia. From Sydney to BrisbanePerth and Canberra we host multiple singles events every week. You’ll find the most supportice hosts including Katie and Sally who are Sydney locals, and were even on the single scene just like you. 

You’ll also easily connect with our Matching Platform 4.0, this software allows you to scan in to a QR code at the venue and simply make your selection directly through your phone. So gone are the days of pens and cards, our speed dating nights have gone digital. And the best part is, whenever a date likes you, you’ll get their contact details the next day. 

So get excited, our gay events are extremely popular and get upto 40 attendees at each night. So book now and come meet some singles who are just like you. 

How it works – Step by Step Guide

1. Book your Eventbrite Ticket and arrive 15mins early

2. You’ll be greeted by our friendly hosts and given a name card

3. Sign into our matching app 4.0, enter the Event Code, your name, email, mobile, starting table number and gender. 

4. Click the event link that’s emailed and texted to you. 

5. Mingle time and ice breaker games at the bar

6. From 7pm speed dating starts, find your seats and start chatting

7. Get rotated every 5 minutes to your next mini date

8. Select ‘Match’ or ‘Friend’ whenever you like someone

9. 10min midway break at 8pm for intermission

10. Go back for the rest of your dates, then we finish at 9pm with extra mingle time at the bar afterwards

11. Get your matches the next day and be sure to follow up to line up any 2nd dates! 

Contact Us

So book your spot and contact us with any questions just send an email: