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Best Bars in St Kilda To Go On A Date

St Kilda, VIC, our vibrant suburb known for its eclectic nightlife, makes an excellent destination for romantic dates. Among its best bars, The Esplanade Hotel, or “The Espy,” stands out for its stunning beachfront views, offering a relaxed yet exciting atmosphere for a sunset cocktail. The Nelson is another gem, famed for its nautical-themed décor and intimate nooks, ideal for cozying up with a rum-based concoction. Then there’s The St Kilda Branch, known for its vibrant street art and buzzing energy, perfect for a lively evening with innovative drinks.

Beyond these bars, St Kilda boasts romantic date night attractions: a stroll along the iconic St Kilda Pier, where you can enjoy panoramic views and maybe spot some fairy penguins, or a visit to the historic Palais Theatre, which adds a touch of old-world charm to your night out with its stunning architecture for a memorable dating experiences in the heart of St Kilda.

Written by Darcy Todd, speed dating expert in Australia

The Best Bars in St Kilda, VIC

Freddie Wimpoles in St Kilda is an eclectic date spot with its vintage charm and modern flair. Located at 125 Fitzroy Street, it’s near Albert Park and the iconic Esplanade Hotel, making it easy to find. Walking in, the bar’s warm lighting and Victorian-era decor immediately create an inviting atmosphere. The quirky furnishings, with old-school Chesterfield sofas and an impressive bar counter, give a cozy, intimate feel—perfect for a first date.

Dress smart-casual; think a nice shirt or blouse, and leave room for a playful conversation about the bar’s history. Did you know it used to be a post office? The venue is known for its craft beers and creative cocktails; try their “Whiskey Sour” or the “Gin & Tonic” special. Ordering a charcuterie board or their signature pork sliders can be a great way to share and connect. If you’re aiming for a romantic touch, suggest a post-drink stroll to St Kilda Beach—it’s just a short walk away. 

The Fifth Province Irish Bar & Restaurant

The Fifth Province Irish Bar & Restaurant

The Fifth Province Irish Bar & Restaurant in St Kilda is like stepping into a cozy slice of Ireland. Nestled on Fitzroy Street, it’s easy to find with Luna Park as your nearby landmark. Expect to bee greeted by the warm, inviting decor—think dark wood furnishings, a crackling fireplace, and a friendly, relaxed vibe that immediately sets a romantic tone. For a first date, aim for a comfortable, smart-casual look—something that matches the bar’s laid-back yet refined atmosphere. The Fifth Province, originally built in the early 1900s, has a storied past, adding an intriguing conversational point.

Order their signature drinks like the “Black Velvet” (a smooth mix of Guinness and champagne) or the “Irish Mule,” and pair them with their popular lamb shanks or the classic Irish stew—hearty and perfect for sharing. Chat about the venue’s history or the live music that fills the bar on weekends, perfect for music lovers who enjoy a mix of traditional Irish and contemporary tunes. 

The Prince Public Bar’s laid-back, eclectic décor, with its modern furnishings and cozy ambiance, immediately puts you at ease. Dress smart casual; think trendy but comfortable—this isn’t the place for a full suit, but you’ll want to look polished. The bar’s historic charm—dating back to the 1930s—gives you something intriguing to mention as you sip their signature Espresso Martini or the refreshing St Kilda Sour. 

With indie tunes in the background, it’s perfect for a date who appreciates good music and a relaxed vibe. Share some of their delicious sliders and crispy calamari to keep the conversation flowing. The Prince Public Bar offers a blend of history, comfort, and style—ideal for a first date or deepening a budding relationship.

Taking your date to Republica St Kilda Beach is like stepping into a postcard-perfect slice of Melbourne. The vibrant beachside venue sets a dreamy backdrop for a romantic evening. Tell your date to meet you at the entrance overlooking the sand, accessible via tram number 16 to St Kilda or bus routes 246 and 606. The vibe at Republica is relaxed yet chic, with modern coastal décor featuring natural woods and airy, open spaces. 

You’ll be welcomed by warm lighting and comfy seating that invites intimacy. The beach views alone will spark conversation, but mentioning the bar’s history as a former kiosk turned trendy hotspot adds a fun trivia element. Start with their signature Aperol Spritz or the “St Kilda Sling” to impress your date with your cocktail knowledge. Share their renowned seafood platter for a delightful culinary adventure together. As the live acoustic music plays, you’ll feel the evening’s magic unfold—perfect for a first kiss or simply enjoying the moment. Afterward, wander down the Esplanade to enjoy the sunset, making Republica the ultimate date night experience.

Taking a date to Lona St Kilda is a surefire way to impress. Located on bustling Acland Street in St Kilda, tell your date to meet you at the bar’s entrance, marked by vibrant, welcoming décor. You’ll be greeted by its chic, eclectic vibe, complete with cozy booths and trendy artwork, creating an inviting atmosphere perfect for a date. The bar’s lively ambiance, featuring a mix of modern and rustic furnishings, makes it ideal for both first dates and more established relationships.

Impress your date with fun facts: Lona is known for its laid-back tapas style dining, making sharing plates a romantic option. Their signature cocktails, like the “Lona Margarita” and “Espresso Martini,” are must-tries, and the succulent “Chorizo Paella” or “Halloumi Fries” will win you points for food choice. After your meal, head to St Kilda Beach, just a short stroll away, for a romantic walk. For dessert, treat your date to Gelato Messina nearby. 

Hotel Esplanade, affectionately known as “The Espy,” in St Kilda, is a guaranteed way to impress your date. Meeting your date under the grand entrance arch, you’ll feel the buzz of excitement as the tram (numbers 3a or 16) drops you right at the door. Stepping inside, the mood is immediately captivating, blending historic charm with modern sophistication. The Espy’s rich history dating back to 1878 adds a unique talking point, with its grand staircase and vintage décor setting a romantic backdrop. 

Choose a cozy booth in the Gershwin Room for an intimate chat or head to the terrace for stunning sunset views. Signature cocktails like the “Esplanade Martini” and the “St Kilda Sling” are must-tries, showcasing the bar’s inventive mixology. Pair these with the mouthwatering Espy Burger or the elegant calamari, each bite enhancing the date’s vibe. If you’re aiming for a long-term connection, share stories over their live music or explore the art-filled rooms. For a sweet end, stroll to the nearby St Kilda Pier, perfect for a first kiss with the city lights reflecting on the water.

Jimmy O'Neills Whiskey & Alehouse

Jimmy O'Neills Whiskey & Alehouse 154-156 Acland St, St Kilda VIC 3182

If you’re looking to impress your date in St Kilda, Jimmy O’Neills Whiskey & Alehouse on Acland Street is the spot to be. Easily found near the iconic Luna Park, this charming bar exudes an inviting ambiance with its rustic wooden decor and dim lighting, perfect for a cozy evening. Tell your date to meet you at the entrance; the vibe of the classic Irish pub will set a relaxed tone. The warm, lively atmosphere hits you, with vintage furnishings and a welcoming bar. The place is known for its excellent whiskey selection and the “Irish Eyes” cocktail—perfect conversation starters.

Order the house-recommended whiskey sour or a Guinness to impress. Sharing the crispy fish and chips or the hearty beef pie can make for a delightful meal. Talk about the bar’s history as a local favorite and its ties to traditional Irish culture—it shows you’ve done your homework. The best time to visit is during the late evening for live folk music. 

The Dick Whittington Tavern

The Dick Whittington Tavern

The Dick Whittington Tavern is a fantastic choice for a cozy, laid-back evening. Nestled on the lively Chapel Street, the tavern exudes old-world charm with a dash of modern flair. You can easily find it near the corner of Inkerman Street, close to the iconic St Kilda Botanical Gardens—a perfect prelude for your evening. If you’re coming by tram, hop on the Route 3 or 67; they’ll drop you off within a short walk. The tavern’s interior has a warm, inviting vibe with dark wooden furnishings and a classic pub aesthetic, making it ideal for either a casual first date or a more serious relationship milestone.

The booths provide an intimate setting if you want to sit closer, but the bar is a great spot for a relaxed conversation. Impress your date by ordering their signature cocktails, like the “Whittington’s Crown” or a classic Pimm’s Cup. Their pub fare, especially the fish and chips or chicken parmigiana, is a must-try.








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