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Best Bars in Richmond To Go On A Date

Richmond, VIC, is a date night hotspot, brimming with vibrant bars perfect for a romantic outing. Among the top picks, Holliava on Swan Street stands out for its cozy beer garden, which adds a refreshing outdoor element to your date, fostering a laid-back yet intimate atmosphere. A few doors down, Union House boasts a charming rooftop bar, ideal for watching the sunset together while sipping on their craft cocktails—this scenic vantage point sets the mood for deeper conversations. Meanwhile, Maeve Fox, located on Bridge Road, offers a sleek, sophisticated interior with plush seating, creating an upscale vibe that’s perfect for impressing a first date.

Bridge Road and Swan Street are the go-to strips for their bustling nightlife and diverse dining options, ensuring your date night flows seamlessly. Just a short stroll away, the Yarra River presents a romantic attraction where you can enjoy a serene riverside walk, adding a tranquil close to your Richmond evening. The blend of chic bars and scenic views in Richmond makes it an ideal setting for memorable date experiences.

Written by Darcy Todd, speed dating expert in Australia

The Best Bars in Richmond, VIC

Taking your date to Harlow in Richmond is an experience bound to impress. Located at 447 Church Street, it’s easy to find with Richmond Station just a short walk away and the iconic Epworth Hospital nearby as a landmark. The bar is known for its blend of heritage and contemporary vibes, set in a revamped 19th-century building. Tell your date to meet you at the entrance—it’s a spot that sets the mood right away.

As you step inside, the eclectic decor of exposed brick, timber accents, and modern touches creates a cozy yet vibrant atmosphere. It’s ideal for first dates with its lively ambiance that eases nervousness. Dress smart-casual to match the venue’s relaxed yet stylish vibe. Opt for the rooftop area, perfect for intimate conversations while enjoying views of the city. Just don’t forget a jacket—it can get chilly up there.

Harlow is known for its signature cocktails like the “Smoke & Mirrors” and the “Harlow Sling”—perfect for sparking conversation. Pair these with their famous “Harlow Fried Chicken” or the delectable “Pork Belly Tacos” for a memorable meal. After dinner, walk to the nearby Burnley Park for a romantic stroll. 

Going on a date at Royal Saxon is an impressive sight. As you enter, the modern décor with earthy tones and contemporary furnishings sets a welcoming vibe, perfect for a first date. You’ll feel relaxed yet impressed by the venue’s stylish character. Head to the courtyard if it’s a warm evening—it’s a great spot for intimate chats under the fairy lights. Royal Saxon is known for its unique cocktails, so try their ‘Saxon Sour’ or ‘Spicy Margarita’. 

Impress your date with the knowledge that the place is renowned for its delicious wood-fired pizzas, especially the Prosciutto and Margherita options—they’re a hit! The bar’s ambient lighting and upbeat background music create an inviting atmosphere, ideal for both early relationship dates and more established ones. If the conversation flows well, suggest a stroll to the nearby Burnley Gardens—it’s perfect for a romantic walk. 

If you’re planning a date at Public House in Richmond, just tell your date to look for the quirky mural out front, near the intersection with Swan Street. The modern, industrial décor with cozy booths and exposed brick walls sets a laid-back yet stylish mood, perfect for a date. 

Public House, known for its chic rooftop, offers panoramic views—a great spot for that first kiss or to cuddle under the stars. Dress smart-casual to blend in, but don’t forget a jacket for the rooftop. Impress your date by ordering their signature Espresso Martini or the refreshing Elderflower Spritz. Hungry? The crispy calamari and truffle fries are must-tries. Public House, a hub for trendy millennials, also hosts live DJ sets, making it perfect for music lovers. 

Prince Alfred Richmond

Prince Alfred Richmond

Asking a date to Prince Alfred Richmond, promises a mix of laid-back charm and vibrant energy. Located on Church Street, it’s easy to find; just look for the grand heritage building near the corner of Bridge Road. Public transport is a breeze – catch tram 78 or 75. On arrival, the bar’s warm, rustic décor instantly sets a welcoming tone.

Start your evening in the cozy lounge area, a great spot to spark conversations over Prince Alfred’s famed PA Margarita or a classic Negroni. The exposed brick walls and ambient lighting make it ideal for more intimate connections. Prince Alfred has a storied past, dating back to 1925, which can be a quirky conversation starter. For food, their wood-fired pizzas and hearty burgers are top picks – delicious and easy to share. If you’re hitting it off, head to the rooftop for city views and maybe a shared jacket moment on cooler nights.

Heading out to the Bridge Hotel in Richmond for a date? Nestled on Bridge Road, this iconic venue is easy to find, with the landmark Richmond Station just a tram ride away on the 48 or 75. For a perfect meetup spot, tell your date to meet you at the front bar – it’s welcoming and cozy. The Bridge Hotel boasts a unique décor, with a blend of old-world pub charm and trendy industrial touches. Exposed brick, mood lighting, and eclectic furnishings set a relaxed, intimate scene.

The bar’s standout feature is its architectural blend – the venue’s design cleverly integrates outdoor courtyards and multi-level spaces, providing cozy nooks and bustling communal areas. A top tip? Head to the upstairs terrace for a more secluded spot. Conversation starters can include the bar’s transformation from a heritage building to its trendy current form, adding a touch of history to your chat. Order the signature Espresso Martini or the refreshing Pink Gin Spritz to impress – they’re local favorites. Splitting the bill is common, but offering to pay shows thoughtfulness. 








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