image of a couple on a date at Howler Bar in Brunswick, VIC

Best Bars in Brunswick To Go On A Date

Brunswick, VIC, is a dynamic suburb celebrated for its eclectic bar scene, offering ideal settings for various types of relationships, from first dates to long-term romances. Couples can choose from the rustic charm of Temple Brewing Company, the vintage allure of Howler, or the vibrant energy of Noisy Ritual—each providing a distinctive experience tailored to different dating vibes. 

For those exploring new connections, intimate wine bars along Sydney Road create the perfect ambiance, while adventurous duos might enjoy the quirky cocktail spots on Lygon Street. Established partners will appreciate the comfortable, relaxed atmosphere of the craft beer hubs found on Blyth Street. Brunswick’s diverse array of bars ensures a memorable night out, catering to every taste amidst its most popular venues and iconic streets.

Written by Darcy Todd, speed dating expert in Australia

The Best Bars in Brunswick

If you’re planning a date night at Brunswick Aces, you’re in for a treat. Nestled on Weston Street, Brunswick Aces is a distinctive spot known for its chic, cozy ambiance and Australia’s first non-alcoholic gin distillery. It’s an easy find, just off Sydney Road, near the Brunswick Station. Trams like the Route 19 make getting there straightforward, adding a touch of Melbourne charm to your night.

Walking into Brunswick Aces, you’re greeted by a stylish mix of modern décor and warm, inviting tones that set the perfect mood for intimate conversations. The bar features a blend of high stools and comfortable booths – opt for a booth for a more private experience. To impress your date, talk about its unique non-alcoholic spirits; the Spades Sapiir is a must-try. Dress smart casual; the vibe is sophisticated yet relaxed.

The bar’s signature drinks, like the Hearts Sapiir & Tonic, are not only delicious but also conversation starters. A shared charcuterie board or the vegan platter can add a delightful twist to your evening. For a romantic conclusion, stroll to Bulleen Art & Garden or the nearby Howler, an iconic local venue known for its vibrant atmosphere and live music, perfect for a cozy nightcap.

Going on your next date night to the Moreland Hotel in Brunswick, VIC, promises a delightful mix of charm and comfort. Conveniently located at 882 Sydney Road, it’s a spot that’s hard to miss, with Brunswick Station just a short walk away. Upon arrival, the hotel’s inviting ambiance sets a warm tone for the evening. With its blend of historic Roman charm and modern flair, the decor feels both timeless and trendy, making it an excellent backdrop for a first date or a special night out.

The main bar area, adorned with classic wooden furnishings and ambient lighting, offers a cozy setting to break the ice. Impress your date by ordering the signature Moreland Mule or a classic Espresso Martini—both are crowd-pleasers. Share a couple of their renowned wood-fired pizzas; they’re a hit and great for sharing. To extend the evening, suggest a stroll to nearby CERES Environmental Park for a romantic walk or The Retreat Hotel for a nightcap.  

Dating at Howler in Brunswick, VIC, is an adventure you don’t want to miss. Located on Dawson Street, just a short walk from Brunswick Station, Howler exudes a cool, eclectic vibe that’s perfect for setting a relaxed, yet vibrant date night mood. You’ll recognize it by its industrial facade and the green mural nearby—can’t miss it! Tell your date to meet you at the entrance; the large archway and surrounding street art are Instagram-worthy and make a great first impression.

As you step inside, the space feels open and artistic, with lush plants and exposed brick, creating a cozy but exciting atmosphere. For an intimate spot, grab a booth in the garden room—it’s perfect for deeper conversations. If you prefer a livelier scene, the main bar area has a fantastic buzz.

Order their signature “Howler Mule” or the “Lavender Collins”—both are crowd-pleasers. Don’t miss the Korean Fried Cauliflower or the Pork Bao; they’re mouth-watering and perfect for sharing. Talk about Howler’s history—it used to be a wool store, adding a quirky charm. Howler’s indie music sets a great backdrop for any date, making it a must-visit for music lovers and romantics alike.

Duke of Edinburgh Hotel

Duke of Edinburgh Hotel 430 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056

The Duke of Edinburgh Hotel in Brunswick, is bound to be a memorable experience. Nestled on Sydney Road, this bar, also known simply as “The Duke,” exudes a classic charm. Easily accessible by tram (Route 19) or bus, this venue sets a relaxed, intimate tone perfect for a date night. As you approach, the hotel’s historic façade, with its elegant white exterior and blue trims, stands out, inviting you into a warm, cozy interior. Inside, the mood is set by vintage decor and ambient lighting, with dark wood furnishings and a laid-back atmosphere that fosters great conversation.

For a first date, find a seat in one of the comfortable booths—ideal for close conversations—or head to the charming courtyard for a more open, airy vibe. Dress smart-casual; you’ll fit right in. Impress your date by ordering the Duke’s signature Gin & Tonic or the refreshing Espresso Martini. When hunger strikes, try their renowned Duke Burger or the delicious Fish Tacos. Chat about the hotel’s rich history—it’s been a local favorite since the 1850s! Post-date, stroll down to the scenic Merri Creek Trail nearby for a peaceful end to your evening.

Finding love at Bar Oussou in Brunswick, VIC, feels like stepping into a cozy, vibrant escape. Located on Sydney Road, near the Brunswick Town Hall, the bar is easy to spot with its bright yellow façade and bustling street energy. Upon arrival, the bar’s eclectic mix of African décor and bohemian charm instantly sets a relaxed and inviting mood. The laid-back atmosphere, with its mismatched furniture and outdoor courtyard adorned with fairy lights, is perfect for both first dates and those in committed relationships. 

As you settle into one of the intimate corners or the lively bar area, you’ll find it a great spot for conversation. Impress your date with Bar Oussou’s story—it’s known for its live music, often featuring African rhythms and jazz, making it an ideal venue for music enthusiasts. Try their signature cocktails like the “Oussou Delight” or the “African Sunset.” Sharing a drink or two from their diverse menu can be a fun way to bond. The venue also serves delectable African-inspired dishes; the lamb tagine and jollof rice are crowd favorites that can make your date night memorable. After dinner, you could head to the nearby Edinburgh Gardens for a romantic stroll, just a short tram ride away.

If you’re looking to impress on a date, The Brunswick Green is a stellar choice. Located on Sydney Road, just a short stroll from the Brunswick Town Hall, this bar blends quirky charm with a warm, inviting atmosphere. As you approach, the eclectic facade gives a hint of the unique vibe inside—a mix of retro furnishings and lush greenery that’s perfect for breaking the ice.

Upon entering, you’re greeted by cozy nooks and eclectic decor, creating an intimate yet relaxed mood. Opt for a seat in the rear courtyard, where fairy lights and verdant plants set a dreamy backdrop, ideal for deep conversations. The vintage couches and mismatched tables offer a casual comfort, making you feel at ease. For drinks, try their signature Green Fairy, a cocktail that combines the mystique of absinthe with fresh lime and soda. Pair it with their famed Chili Fries, a spicy delight that’s great for sharing. Discuss the venue’s history—it used to be a post office—an intriguing tidbit to impress your date.

Heading to The Cornish Arms Hotel in Brunswick, VIC, for a date is like stepping into a blend of classic charm and modern vibes. Located on Sydney Road, just a short stroll from Barkly Square shopping center, it’s easy to find. The exterior is a striking red-brick facade, and inside, the cozy wooden décor and dim lighting set a warm, inviting mood, perfect for sparking romance. You might feel a flutter of nerves, but the laid-back atmosphere helps ease into the evening. Dress smart casual; it’s Brunswick after all. Try to get a spot in the rooftop beer garden—it’s perfect for a first kiss under the stars.

As you chat over their famous vegan parma or a hearty burger, mention the hotel’s rich history dating back to the early 20th century—it’s a great conversation starter. Sip on their signature Cornish Cocktail or a locally brewed craft beer. It’s thoughtful to offer to pay, but suggesting splitting can also go over well for both new sparks and seasoned couples. 

If you’re thinking about taking a date to Miss Moses Bar in Brunswick, you’re in for a treat. When you arrive, the bar’s vintage charm with its exposed brick walls and warm, ambient lighting immediately sets a cozy mood. On a first date, you might feel those nervous jitters, but the relaxed vibe of Miss Moses, combined with its indie music and friendly atmosphere, helps ease the tension.

I recommend telling your date to meet you at the bar’s entrance or by the nearby ANZ bank, a clear landmark. Dress casually yet stylishly—think smart-casual, as the laid-back yet polished décor suggests. Opt for a seat at one of the intimate booths if you can; they’re perfect for close conversation and a touch of privacy. Alternatively, the bar seating gives a more casual feel, ideal if you prefer facing each other directly.

Miss Moses is celebrated for its craft beers and vibrant cocktails. Two must-tries are the “Miss Moses Martini” and “Brunswick Negroni”—both offer unique twists that are sure to impress. For food, their Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich and Mac ‘n’ Cheese Bites are crowd-pleasers, adding a gourmet touch to comfort classics. Share a few dishes to make the meal more interactive. If conversation needs a boost, discuss the bar’s history—it’s a reimagined space from Brunswick’s industrial past.

Experiencing The Penny Black on a date in Brunswick, VIC, is a blend of charm and casual intimacy. Nestled on Sydney Road, it’s adorned with eclectic decor, sets a relaxed tone, perfect for a first encounter. The bohemian vibe greets you with exposed brick walls and warm lighting that creates a cozy atmosphere, ideal for breaking the ice or deepening a connection. Casual yet stylish attire suits the venue, allowing you to feel comfortable yet impressively put-together. The spacious beer garden is the heart of the bar, a great spot for a relaxed conversation amidst the vibrant ambiance. 

Signature drinks like the “Penny’s Espresso Martini” or the “Gin Basil Smash” are sure to impress, adding a flavorful start to your evening. Complement these with their famed burgers or tapas for a delightful culinary experience. As the night progresses, live music creates a lively backdrop, perfect for sharing a dance or enjoying the diverse crowd, typically a mix of 20s to 30s, appreciating the eclectic tunes.

Heading to The Charles Weston in Brunswick is easy to find, especially if you’re arriving via the 19 tram from the city. The Brunswick pub exudes a cozy, vintage vibe with its rustic wooden furnishings, eclectic artwork, and intimate seating arrangements. On a first date, the warm ambiance and friendly staff help ease any nervous jitters. It’s an ideal spot whether you’re just getting to know someone or deepening a budding romance.

Dress smart-casual, and perhaps bring a light jacket for the outdoor beer garden, which is perfect for a relaxed chat under the fairy lights. A date here can be enriched by ordering their signature cocktails like the “Weston Breeze” or the “Brunswick Sour.” Their renowned burgers and craft beers make for great conversation starters. The venue’s relaxed mood, accentuated by live acoustic music on weekends, sets the stage for meaningful connections. 

Eydie’s Bar in Brunswick is an ideal spot for a date night. Just hop on tram 1 or 6 and get off at the Glenlyon Road/Lygon Street stop for a relaxed journey. As you step inside, the bar’s warm lighting and vintage décor instantly set a cozy, intimate mood, perfect for sparking romance. With its retro furnishings, including velvet couches and antique mirrors, Eydie’s feels like a charming time capsule.

Head to the intimate back lounge if you’re looking for a more private setting, or choose a booth for a cozy chat. Eydie’s is known for its superb cocktails, so impress your date with a recommendation like the “Boulevardier” or the “Hanky Panky.” Their cheese board is a must-try, perfect for sharing. Discuss the bar’s history and its transformation from a local gem to a beloved date spot, adding an interesting twist to your night.

Taking your new love to Welcome to Brunswick on Sydney Road, is easily found near the Brunswick Baths. As you step in, the bar’s warm, vintage decor, with exposed brick walls and ambient lighting, sets a cozy, intimate mood perfect for a date. Dress smart-casual; think jeans with a nice shirt or a chic dress.

This bar was once a charming old pub and retains its original charm with modern twists. Head to the back room or to the beer garden for a quieter, more intimate experience – perfect for those first-date nerves. Signature drinks like their “Brunswick Mule” or “Negroni” are a must-try, making a great conversation starter. Share a “Welcome Platter” or indulge in their “Truffle Fries,” both delicious options to impress. Chat about the bar’s eclectic history and the mix of jazz and indie tunes playing softly in the background.








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