image of a man and woman on a date at a bar in Melbourne.

Best Bars in Melbourne To Go On A Date

Looking for the best bars in Melbourne to impress your date? Our city is brimming with romantic bars, pubs and nightclubs that set the vibe for unforgettable evenings. Her Bar captivates with its stylish rooftop garden, ideal for cozying up under the stars. For a playful twist, StoryVille enchants with its magical, fairy-tale decor. 

Take your relationship to the next level, The Lui Bar offers upscale cocktails and stunning city views from the 55th floor. Dive in as we explore the best bars for date nights in Melbourne!

Written by Darcy Todd, speed dating expert in Australia

The Best Bars in Melbourne

As a dating expert, I can confidently say that Her Bar in Melbourne is a fantastic choice for a first date. The bar’s eclectic, stylish décor creates a charming ambiance perfect for impressing your date. With three floors, each offering a distinct vibe, you have plenty of options to explore together. I’d begin in the Main Bar with a cocktail like the “Her Spritz” and some Truffle Parmesan Fries. Or if you’re feeling playful, challenge your date to a game at the pool table nearby.

For a more intimate setting, head to the Vintage Room’s cozy booths. It’s great for deeper conversations and building a connection. Later, take in the views from the Rooftop Lounge; its comfortable seating and panoramic cityscape make for a romantic setting, especially at sunset. And don’t forget to bring a jacket—it can get chilly, and sharing it can be a sweet gesture.

For me the bar is easy to locate thanks to its neon sign and public transport is convenient, with trams and trains dropping you off nearby. Aim for happy hour (4-6 PM) for great deals or visit on the weekends for a lively vibe with live DJs. The friendly staff are well-mannered making for a pleasant date spot. Afterwards, wrap up your romantic evening with a stroll to Hosier Lane, just a short walk away, to admire the vibrant graffiti and street art together, adding a memorable touch to your night.

Going on a date at Storyville’s Bar in Melbourne is like stepping into a fairy tale. The bar’s whimsical, fairy-tale theme creates a magical atmosphere perfect for a memorable night out. Start at the ground-level Treehouse Bar for a casual intro, then head upstairs to their Mushroom Palace, which captivates with enchanting decor. The Alice in Wonderland vibe offers plenty of conversation starters. Choose a cozy booth for a bit of fun share the swing in Tinkerbell’s Cage. The music, ranges from electronic to indie, adding to the playful yet romantic ambiance.

Storyville is conveniently located near Melbourne Central Station, with trams along Lonsdale Street making it easy to find. For a smoother start, meet your date outside the bar or at Melbourne Central. And try to arrive for happy hour from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM on weekdays is an ideal time to visit, so you can pay for her drink without breaking the bank. The bar’s professional management ensures a welcoming experience. Share “Mad Hatter’s Tea Sandwiches” and sip on creative cocktails like the “Cheshire Cat’s Martini.” Overall Storyville promises a magical, immersive date that’s sure to impress. Afterwards continue your date with a stroll to the nearby State Library of Victoria or enjoy dessert at Brunetti on Lygon Street. 

Going on a date at Lui Bar in Melbourne promises an extraordinary experience. Nestled on the 55th floor of the Rialto Towers, the bar dazzles with breathtaking city views, luxurious Art Deco décor, and plush seating. Start your date by securing a window-side lounge chair or high table, perfect for enjoying the sophisticated ambiance and stunning vistas. The setting is ideal for meaningful conversations, with a refined mix of contemporary and classic tunes playing softly in the background. 

For drinks, impress your date with a signature cocktail like the ‘Martini’ or ‘Mango Sour,’ paired with delectable bites like ‘Duck Parfait’ or ‘Truffle Toasties.’ The bar’s rare spirit collection and plush atmosphere enhance the romantic feel. Getting there is convenient via Southern Cross Station or trams 86 and 96, making it a breeze to meet. Afterwards, end your evening with a short walk to the nearby Eureka Skydeck for more spectacular views. Managed by the Vue Group, Lui Bar offers impeccable service and a setting that feels both exclusive and inviting—perfect for sparking or deepening a romantic connection. For a sweet finale, consider heading to Om Nom Kitchen nearby for exquisite desserts, rounding off a perfect date night.

Hero’s Karaoke Bar in Melbourne is an excellent date spot, blending fun with intimacy. Start downstairs in the vibrant main bar, where neon lights and pop culture décor set a lively mood. Opt for bar stools or a cozy booth to kick off the evening with drinks like the colorful “Hero’s Punch” or “Neon Dream.” Once warmed up, head to the upper floor to one of the eight themed karaoke rooms like the “Retro Room” for a more private experience. Sing your favorite duets or just cheer each other on—karaoke here is a fantastic icebreaker.

The bar is easily accessible via public transport; get off at Melbourne Central Station or take trams 86 or 96 to Bourke Street. Meeting at the nearby Chinatown makes it convenient and adds a cultural touch to your night. Visit during their happy hour from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM on weekdays for affordable drinks and snacks like the “Hero’s Signature Sliders.” The welcoming atmosphere, courtesy of owner Michael Tan, makes you feel at ease, allowing genuine connection. Engage in playful banter about your song choices to keep things light and fun. Afterwards wrap up with a stroll to Dex2rose Nitrogen Gelato for a sweet end to a memorable evening.

Going on a date at Ponyfish Island in Melbourne is an adventure in itself, offering a unique blend of intimacy and excitement. Nestled under the Evan Walker Bridge on the Yarra River, the bars abundant with nautical décor—think ropes and portholes—creates an intriguing, laid-back vibe. Opt for the casual outdoor seating; high tables and benches provide perfect spots to enjoy scenic river views together. The indie and folk music sets a relaxed tone, ideal for both first dates and deepening connections.

Arrive by public transport, alighting at Flinders Street Station, and enjoy a short, scenic walk across the bridge to find this hidden gem. The bar’s open layout eliminates the need to move around, allowing you to focus on each other. Share a “Ponyfish Margarita” or “Island Punch” for a taste of the venue’s signature drinks, and savor bites like the “Ponyfish Po’Boy” or “Crispy Calamari.” Or visit during happy hour (4:00-6:00 PM weekdays) for a budget-friendly date. If the night gets cool, bring a jacket or share one for added warmth. Afterward, stroll to Federation Square for a romantic end to a memorable date.

Taking your date to 1806 in Melbourne offers an evening of sophistication and charm. Start by meeting at the Princess Theatre, an easy to find landmark that sets a classy tone. Arrive easily via Parliament Station or Trams 86 and 96 on Bourke Street. The bar’s discreet entrance at 169 Exhibition Street adds a dash of mystery, but inside, you’ll find a stunning vintage décor with dark wood and velvet. Begin your night in the main bar, where cozy armchairs and intimate booths invite close conversation. If you’re up for a change, the mezzanine provides a fresh perspective, while The Understudy offers a secluded spot for deeper talks and signature cocktails.

Savor a 1806 Signature Martini or Old Cuban, as these drinks not only impress but also spark conversation about their historical roots. Pair them with the Chicken Liver Parfait or Duck Croquettes for a shared gourmet experience. Jazz and blues play softly, creating a romantic vibe ideal for sharing stories or even a first kiss. Plan your visit on a weekday for a more intimate setting, free from crowds. With top-notch service from The Speakeasy Group, your night is set for success. To cap off a perfect evening, stroll hand-in-hand to Spring Street Grocer for gelato makes for an unforgettable romantic evening.

Heading out on a date to The Everleigh in Melbourne is a classy choice that promises an unforgettable night. Located on Gertrude Street, just off Smith Street in Fitzroy, it’s easy to spot thanks to its discreet, vintage façade. Tell your date to meet you near the historic Builders Arms Hotel, which is just a short walk away. If you’re taking public transport, tram routes 86 and 96 will get you there smoothly. As you step inside, the bar’s 1920s-inspired décor instantly sets a romantic tone with its dim lighting and elegant leather furnishings. Opt for something semi-formal; think cocktail attire to match the venue’s sophisticated vibe.

For a first date, The Everleigh offers intimate booths perfect for close conversation. Sitting at the bar is also great if you enjoy watching the skilled bartenders craft their famous cocktails. Impress your date with a classic “Everleigh Martini” or their signature “Gold Rush.” The bar’s speakeasy history adds a touch of mystery—originally built in 2011, it embodies old-world charm. While the bar doesn’t serve food, nearby spots like Lune Croissanterie offer delightful pastries if you’re craving a snack after drinks.

The ambience, filled with soft jazz, caters well to those who appreciate classic tunes. It’s ideal for a cozy chat and, perhaps, a first kiss in a secluded corner. Afterward, consider strolling to the nearby Fitzroy Gardens for a moonlit walk. For a date with a taste for vintage elegance and heartfelt conversation, The Everleigh is a stellar pick.

Taking your date to Richmond Social on Swan Street in Melbourne, VIC, promises a vibrant and memorable evening. This bar is nestled amidst Swan Street’s lively ambiance, right near the iconic Corner Hotel. 

When you arrive, the mood instantly sets a cozy yet energetic vibe. The eclectic décor, with its rustic wooden furnishings and exposed brick, creates a welcoming atmosphere perfect for intimate conversation. For your outfit, go for smart-casual; think a nice shirt or a chic dress. If it’s chilly, bring a jacket to share on the rooftop terrace, which offers a stunning view and a great spot for a first kiss.

Richmond Social’s signature cocktails, like the “Espresso Martini” and the refreshing “Richmond Mule,” are excellent choices to impress your date. If you’re feeling peckish, their wood-fired pizzas  are not only delicious but also easy to share. For seating, opt for one of the cozy booths for a more private setting or the rooftop for a more casual vibe. The live music on weekends adds a lively backdrop, ideal for those who enjoy a bit of buzz. If you’re looking to extend the evening, a walk to the Yarra River nearby offers a romantic stroll.

Take your date to Heartbreaker Bar in Melbourne for a night of retro charm and intimate vibes. Nestled at 234A Russell Street, it’s easy to spot, right near Bourke Street Mall—perfect for meeting up. As you step inside, you’ll be transported back to the ’70s with its neon lights and rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic, creating a relaxed yet edgy atmosphere. It’s the kind of place where you’d feel at ease in smart casual attire, something comfortable but stylish.

On a first date, the dim lighting and cozy booths are ideal for close conversations, while the jukebox adds a playful vibe—try queuing up a favorite song for a personal touch. Heartbreaker is known for its classic cocktails; so ordering their signature Negroni or Old Fashioned is a sure way to impress. If you’re hungry, the pizza from their onsite kitchen, Connie’s, is a must-try—crispy, flavorful, and perfect for sharing.

State of Grace in Melbourne is a romantic experience worth savoring. Nestled on King Street, it’s a stone’s throw from the Rialto Towers—an easy landmark to guide your date. The tram route 12 or 58 will get you there smoothly, setting a relaxed tone from the start. As you step into State of Grace, its blend of vintage charm and contemporary flair will sweep you both off your feet. The opulent chandeliers, dark wood accents, and velvet seats create a romantic, old-world vibe, perfect for igniting sparks on a first date or deepening connections. Aim for the mezzanine level; it offers a cozy ambiance with intimate booths ideal for getting close. Dress smart-casual—think stylish but not too formal, matching the bar’s sophisticated yet laid-back atmosphere.

Impress your date with a tidbit: this bar once housed a 19th-century bank vault, now the entrance to a secret cocktail bar downstairs! Then at the bar order the “Saints & Sinners” cocktail—its bold flavors reflect the bar’s playful spirit. For food, the truffle fries and crispy calamari are fun to share. And as the evening winds down, suggest a walk to the nearby Crown Riverwalk, where the views of the Yarra River at dusk offer a romantic finale. The ambient music, mainly jazz and indie tunes, sets a mellow backdrop, perfect for unwinding and deep conversation. T

Taking your date to Nick & Nora’s Melbourne on Collins Street is wrapped in glamour and charm. Nestled in the heart of the CBD, it’s easy to find. The bar, situated on the 26th floor, offers a dazzling views that immediately sets a romantic tone. Stepping inside, you’re greeted by elegant 1930s-inspired décor with plush velvet seating and art deco touches. It’s sophisticated yet intimate—perfect for first dates or anniversaries. Dress smart casual, think a nice dress or a sharp shirt and jeans. Upon entering, guide your date to the luxurious bar area or, for more privacy, a cozy booth. 

The ambiance is warm and inviting, with dim lighting and jazzy tunes enhancing the intimate vibe. Nick & Nora’s is renowned for its exquisite cocktails—try the ‘Green Thumb’ or the ‘Death at the Savoy.’ Sharing this knowledge could impress your date. Their cheese platter and oysters are ideal for sharing, creating a romantic and interactive dining experience. Talk about the bar’s unique backstory, originally a lavish office space transformed into this opulent venue. For a magical end to the night, stroll over to the nearby State Library’s beautiful lawn—perfect for a quiet moment or even a first kiss.

Union Electric Bar & Rooftop

union electric bar
Going with your date to Union Electric Bar & Rooftop in Melbourne is a surefire way to impress. Located on Heffernan Lane, a stone’s throw from the bustling Chinatown, it’s a venue with a hidden charm that starts the evening with an element of surprise. As you guide your date down this laneway, the anticipation builds, setting a playful tone. Tell your date to meet you at the corner of Heffernan Lane and Little Bourke Street for an easy landmark. Public transport is a breeze; the nearest tram stop is at Swanston Street, where you can catch routes 1, 3, or 6, making it easy to find.

Upon arrival, the bar’s eclectic vibe and warm, intimate décor creates an inviting atmosphere, perfect for breaking the ice or deepening a connection. Grab your date and head up to the rooftop if the weather is nice; it offers a cozy nook with city views, ideal for a romantic chat. The bar’s signature cocktails like the Yuzu Mule or Gin & Juice are delightful. Make sure to try their dumplings or charcuterie board—they’re perfect for sharing and spark a conversational flow about the adventurous menu. The music, usually a mix of mellow tunes, complements the relaxed yet chic setting, making it easy to keep the conversation going.

Heading to Beneath Driver Lane for a date is a delightful choice, especially if you’re looking to impress with a unique, cozy experience. This bar, located on Driver Lane just off Little Bourke Street in Melbourne, can be a bit tricky to find but look for the ornate, iron gates—it adds to the allure! You might want to suggest meeting your date at the nearby GPO building on Elizabeth Street, just a short stroll away. 

As you descend the steps into Beneath Driver Lane, you’ll immediately notice the intimate, speakeasy vibe with its dark, moody lighting and leather-clad decor. It’s perfect for a date, fostering closeness and conversation. Originally the bar was formerly a bank vault, which gives it a fascinating history to chat about with your date.

For seating, opt for a snug booth if you’re looking for intimacy, or the bar for a more relaxed vibe. Then when you’re ready their signature drinks, like the “Penicillin” or the “Old Fashioned,” are must-tries. And impress your date by ordering one of their famous cheeseboards or a rich dish like their beef tartare. It’s a perfect venue for a cozy first date or a romantic night out, blending great conversation, history, and a hint of Melbourne’s hidden charm.

Goldilocks Bar in Melbourne is an intimate date night gem. Perched atop 264 Swanston Street, this hidden rooftop bar offers a cozy atmosphere perfect for sparking romance. Upon arrival, the vintage fairy-tale décor and warm lighting create an inviting ambiance. For a first date, I recommend heading straight to the rooftop—it offers a charming view of the city and a slightly secluded spot for conversation. Wear something stylish yet comfortable; the bar’s vibe is relaxed but elegant.

To impress your date, mention that the bar’s whimsical theme is inspired by the Goldilocks tale, lending a playful touch to the evening. Order their signature cocktails like the ‘Goldilocks Martini’ or the ‘Cinnamon Toast,’ both of which are sure to delight. If hunger strikes, their ‘Crispy Pork Belly’ and ‘Duck Fat Fries’ are must-tries, known for their exquisite flavors. For conversation, chat about the unique layout, perhaps while sharing a blanket if it’s a cool evening. 

Surprise your date to Trinket Bar in Melbourne is a delightful experience. Located at 87 Flinders Lane, right by the iconic Flinders Street Station. Step inside, and you’re greeted by the whimsical decor—think velvet booths, vintage chandeliers, and hidden doors—evoking a cozy, intimate vibe perfect for sparking romance. Wear something chic but comfortable; the bar’s upscale yet relaxed atmosphere allows for stylish creativity. Start your date in the Secret Basement; it’s a hidden gem that feels like you’ve uncovered a treasure together.

Share a booth to get closer or sit at the bar for a more casual vibe. Impress your date by ordering the signature “Enchanted Garden” cocktail or “Forbidden Fruit”—both are visually stunning and delicious. To make it memorable, mention Trinket’s history—it used to be a hat shop in the 1920s! Later share wood-fired pizzas like the “Prosciutto & Pear,” known for its sweet and savory balance. Afterwards end your night with a sweet note by visiting Brunetti Classico for gelato, just a short stroll away. Whether you’re on a first date or deepening a connection, Trinket Bar’s enchanting allure and quirky charm create an unforgettable romantic experience.

Going on a romantic stroll to Boilermaker House in Melbourne feels like stepping into a cozy, vintage sanctuary dedicated to whisky and beer. Nestled on Lonsdale Street, it’s close to the bustling State Library and Melbourne Centra. As you walk in, the dim lighting and rustic wooden décor immediately create an intimate ambiance perfect for first dates or rekindling romance. For the best experience, request a booth where you can sit close and talk easily without shouting over the music—a mix of classic rock and blues.

When it comes to drinks, impress your date by ordering their signature Boilermaker pairings: a whisky with a craft beer chaser. A top pick is the “Peaty Beast” pairing, featuring a smoky Laphroaig whisky and a rich stout. For food, the charcuterie board and whisky-glazed ribs are divine and perfect for sharing. 

For conversation starters, share some fun facts with your date, like how Boilermaker House has been a beacon for whisky lovers since 2015 and is renowned for its extensive collection. After your drinks, suggest a stroll to nearby Chinatown for dessert at Golden Pudding, to make your date night memorable and set the stage for a lasting connection.

Taking a date to Chuckle Park Bar in Melbourne is a charming, laid-back experience. Tucked away on Little Collins Street, it’s a hidden gem you can find just past Elizabeth Street, marked by its unique alleyway entrance. Tell your date to meet at the entrance to Manchester Unity Arcade on Swanston Street; from there, it’s a short stroll. The vibe here is eclectic and whimsical, with fairy lights and retro caravan bar creating a cozy, intimate atmosphere perfect for sparking conversation.

Chuckle Park’s casual yet quirky decor makes it ideal for a relaxed first date or a night out with someone you’ve been seeing for a while. A good tip: find a seat in the courtyard where the vibe is most magical. Share a “Chuckleberry Fizz” or the signature “Spiced Mojito” to impress your date with your cocktail knowledge.

The bar is known for its friendly staff and fun atmosphere—perfect for easing those first date nerves. Chat about the bar’s creative decor, or make plans to explore the nearby Block Arcade, a charming spot for a post-date stroll. If you’re after something sweet, head over to Chokolait Hub for dessert; it’s within walking distance and adds a sweet finish to a great evening. 

Ask someone out and take them to Loch & Key in Melbourne is an adventure that starts even before you step inside. Nestled above the King Street nightclub, this hidden gem is found at 34 Franklin Street, right next to the RMIT University and Queen Victoria Market. The bar’s interior evokes a sense of intimate mystery with its eclectic, vintage décor and warm, dim lighting, setting the perfect stage for a romantic evening. As you ascend to the rooftop, the mood shifts to a laid-back, urban charm. Sit in a cozy booth or on the terrace under the stars—ideal spots for close conversation and maybe a first kiss.

Impress your date with the story of Loch & Key’s history as a revamped heritage building and order their signature cocktail, the “Loch Ness Fizz,” or the classic “Whisky Sour.” When you’re hungry, their truffle fries and wood-fired pizza are must-tries, offering a shared dining experience that fosters connection. This venue, with its unique blend of history, style, and a touch of secrecy, promises a date night to remember.


Section 8, tucked away at 27-29 Tattersalls Lane, Melbourne, is a quirky, open-air bar that’s perfect for a relaxed yet memorable date night. As you approach, the industrial-chic setup of converted shipping containers and wooden pallets creates a laid-back vibe that’s immediately disarming. You’ll feel the mix of urban grit and creative flair setting a unique mood, ideal for breaking the ice.

Dress casual but stylish—think jeans with a nice shirt or a casual dress—since the venue’s informal, creative décor makes it the epitome of Melbourne’s hipster culture. Opt for a cozy corner or a pallet bench to sit close; these spots offer an intimate yet unpretentious ambiance. To impress your date, order their signature gin cocktails or try a local craft beer. As the eclectic DJ sets a chilled groove, discuss the bar’s unique past as a loading dock—it’s a cool conversation starter. Order their street food-inspired dishes, like the Korean Fried Chicken Tacos or Loaded Fries, which are both flavorful and perfect for sharing. 

When taking a date to Whitehart Bar, look for the giant shipping container structure that makes it unmistakably unique. I’d recommend meeting your date at the entrance on Lonsdale Street—it’s easy to find and sets the tone for a casual, cool vibe.

Whitehart’s industrial chic décor, with its steel structures and vibrant murals, creates an energetic yet intimate atmosphere perfect for breaking the ice. Aim for a Friday or Saturday evening when the bar’s bustling but not overwhelming. The rooftop bar is a must, offering cozy seating and city views that spark conversation and a potential romantic spark. 

Signature cocktails like the “Whitehart Mule” or “Gin and Juice” are sure to impress. Opt for a booth if you prefer a more private setting, or sit at the bar to enjoy the lively atmosphere. The “Whitehart Wings” and “Loaded Fries” are fun to share. Afterwards, stroll to nearby Queen Victoria Market for dessert or a moonlit wander—it’s just a ten-minute walk and adds a perfect finishing touch to your date night.

Go for a date at Workshop Bar in Melbourne, you’ll be struck by the bar’s eclectic mix of vintage and industrial décor, and plants creating a cozy yet vibrant atmosphere ideal for a date. Workshop Bar’s rustic vibe, with exposed brick and dim lighting, fosters a relaxed, warm ambiance. Impress your date with the bar’s history as a former factory space, now a creative hub. Their signature cocktails, like the ‘Workshop Sour’ and ‘El Diablo,’ are a must-try. 

Pair your drinks with their famous sliders or truffle fries. As the night progresses, groove to the bar’s indie playlist, appealing to both millennials and Gen X. Afterward, a short walk to the nearby Flagstaff Gardens offers a romantic setting for a quiet end to your evening.

Taking your date to Bar Ampere on Russell Place, is easily accessible from Bourke Street, near the vibrant city center. Arriving here, the bar’s moody, European-inspired décor with its Art Deco touches sets a sophisticated scene perfect for sparking romantic vibes. Opt for smart casual attire; think sleek and stylish without being too formal. The bar has a fascinating history, once an underground electrical station, and now it’s a chic, dimly lit haven known for its absinthe fountains.

Start at the cozy booths for intimate conversation and impress your date with Ampere’s signature drinks – try the Absinthe La Fee for a taste of the bar’s specialty or the classic Negroni. Sharing a cheese platter here can be a delightful experience; their selection complements the complex flavors of the cocktails. For a first date, discussing the bar’s history and absinthe theme can break the ice, while the jazz and electronic music blend adds to the ambient charm. Afterwards, take a short walk to the State Library of Victoria for a romantic stroll among its grand architecture.

Grab your love interested and head to Berlin Bar in Melbourne VIC is like stepping into a time machine with a dash of elegance. Located at 16 Corrs Lane, you’ll find it nestled in a laneway that feels like a secret worth sharing. Meet your date at the entrance and revel in the anticipation as you climb the stairs to this hidden gem. 

Berlin Bar’s atmosphere is a juxtaposition of the old and the sophisticated. Divided into ‘West Berlin,’ which boasts sleek modernity, and ‘East Berlin,’ featuring cozy vintage charm, it offers two distinct experiences. I’d suggest starting in the dimly lit, plush seating of ‘East Berlin’—ideal for intimate conversations. This bar, inspired by the Cold War era, opened in 2010, and the theme is immersive and perfect for sparking intriguing discussions.

To get started try the ‘Espresso In Berlin’ or the ‘Brandenburg Gate’ cocktails—both signature drinks that showcase the bar’s creativity. As for food, the charcuterie board is a delightful choice for sharing. Enjoy the eclectic tunes that match the bar’s unique flair, perfect for those with an appreciation for diverse music genres. If things go well, suggest a post-date walk to the nearby Her Majesty’s Theatre for a nightcap of classic Melbourne charm. 








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