Is Speed Dating Still Relevant Today?

I know, even your grandma found love on Tinder and with advances by Elon soon we’ll be able to skip the whole dating process and just marry an AI robot girlfriend. Which really begs the question, in our endless quest to find love, or at least that next half baked situationship, ‘Is speed dating still at thing?’

And I can most certainty assure you, YES it is still very much a thing and Growing!

In between watching YouTubes history videos, I your highly esteemed almost graduated from university author, Darcy Todd wondered the same thing. And for good reason, after deciding I wasn’t cut out as a personal trainer I founded Speed Dating Social back in 2020. You know, back when meeting people in person was still cool. And after running over 700 events in Australia, I can tell you with absolute certainty it’s still alive and well today.  

The Evolution of Speed Dating

Aright step 1 what are we even talking about? Well remember that speed dating event in Hitch? They basically lined up a women and men came by, one at time for a whole series of mini dates. It’s fast fun and efficient, almost like swiping in person, it’s the assembly line of finding love. Singles go in, happy couples and babies come out, well almost. 

1. It started with the Jews

I’m not Jewish, although my nana said my great grandfather was. Not only did that lineage start me, it also spawned these singles events. As the story goes, Rabbi Yaacov Deyo was like ‘Hey, why don’t we make this a formalized process. You ladies sit down, gentlemen I’ll rotate you every 5 minutes, and I’ll send out your matches the next day.’ So there you have it, in the 1990s in upcoming Los Angeles synagogue our events were born. 

jewish singles at speed dating event

2. Evolution of Speed Dating

Of course from the dinosaurs to the monkeys that become you and me, everything evolves and so did the events. No longer is speed dating confined to the US, spawning weekly events at across many cities from London to Sydney.

Yes some lower class companies use paper and pen for matches, but many companies including Speed Dating Social, Encournter dating and Cityswoon use digital matching platforms. Why you ask? Well for one I no longer have an annual pen bill of $800, instead participants can easily create a profile and match one their phones. 

So the matching has gone digital, but the events are still in person, unless its an Online speed dating event. You know those Zoom chat rooms, they have been repurposed by so you can meet someone from the comfort of your couch or kitchen table. Yes you still have to wear a shirt but pants are optional. Maybe one day we’ll be in Apple’s virtual world too…

3. Currently Trends of Singles Events

I won’t even try to get you TicTok loving millennials off the apps. I know she’ll message you first on Bumble and you’ll meet your next man on Grindr but the older folk get it. 

Pew Research Center did a study and found that the youngins prefer the dating apps:


  • 79% of are under 30
  • 44% of users are aged 30 to 49
  • 17% of users aged 50 to 64
infographic showing a 42% boost in attendance at Eventbrite singles events from 2022 to 2023

Even the big moves like Eventbrite have seen a 42% increase of attendance in dating events between 2022 to 2023That means speed dating is still a thing, from the young adults to the mid-lifers. The Gen-Xers to the Baby Boomers still love the good old meet and greet and it’s little wonder why. With the increasing levels of ghosting and being catfished, maybe it is better to meet them in person. 

4. The Impact of working from home on speed dating

Don’t say it. Lockdown. Alright I said it but what does that have to do about dating events? Well actually everything, aside from being able to rock out in your dressing gown, staying at home means you’re left to rock out alone. 

visually appealing infographic summarizing key statistics about remote work in the USA

TechReport Work Statistics:

  • Work from Home (2023): 14% of American adults worked from home, totaling 22 million people.
  • Increase Post-Pandemic: Remote workers increased by 7% after the pandemic.
  • Future Projections (2025): 22% of American adults expected to work remotely, equaling over 32.5 million people.
  • Employee Preference: 98% of employees want to work remotely at least part-time.
  • Hybrid Work Model: 28.2% of U.S. employees use a hybrid work model.
  • Company Adaptation: 93% of companies plan to continue remote job interviews.

Now look, I love sleeping in till 10 and pretending to work as much as anyone. But just as global warming’s rising ocean levels, this increase in isolation spells disaster for human connection. The more disconnected we get, the lonelier we get and the more social events are need to bring people those connections that we once took for granted. 

5. Why is speed dating’s popularity increasing?  

It’s pretty simple, we need to meet someone. One of the biggest words I know is Urbanization, and one of it’s paradoxical effects is that the more crowded a city gets, the less connections we have. Simply put, as populations grow, more and more people will be left single and alone. This means demand for events will increase. 

6. Benefits of attending a blind dating night

Come on, let’s say it together, ‘getting laid’. Wow, okay not really, but hey – it’s possible. You’re basically meeting people to get out of your shell. Yes there’s a really good chance you’ll find that reciprocated spark and find your match. Make sure to name your baby after me, Darcy Jnr. But there’s other good stuff too. 

You’ll meet a handsome host, you’ll discover cool bars and venues and you’ll also meet new friends too. And the more you talk to people, the better you’ll get at it. Meaning when you finally meet the one, you’ll be ready to sweap them off their feet. 

So look at the facts speed dating is a thing, it’ll continue to grow and you really need to get out more. Kidding! Well maybe just a little, buy a ticket, book an event and come meet a bunch of singles near you!